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Density of the same substance.

  1. Feb 18, 2008 #1
    What's more dense, the liquid or solid form of the same substance?
    Density of water = ~1.0g/cm^3
    Density of ice = ~0.92g/cm^3
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    Doc Al

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    Clearly, it depends on the substance. But water is rather unusual. (Good thing, too!)
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    what about metals like silver, lead etc...
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    Most liquids are denser in their solid form than liquid. That certainly applies to metals.

    Water is, as Doc Al said, very unusual. Because of its unusual crystaline structure, It becomes less dense just as it freezes. If you were to reduce the temperature of ice even more, then it would become denser.

    And, to quote Doc Al, "Good thing, too!" If water did not become expand as it freezes, ice would not crack rock, converting it to soil in which things can grow, there would not be a pocket of unfrozen water at the bottom of lakes in which fish could survive the winter, etc.
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    Is there any liquid which is denser in its liquid form than its solid state.

    Cheers !!!!!!!
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    That would partly depend upon the conditions of solidification. Some materials incorporate air into their structure upon hardening (ie: they 'foam') unless precautions are taken. An example of that would be lava.
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    Thanx for the information..

    Cheers !!!!!!!!
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    Do you mean you didn't understand what Doc Al and I have already said?
  10. Feb 27, 2008 #9
    yes I got the point.

    Thank you.
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