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Homework Help: Derivatives of Arctan and arcsin

  1. Nov 5, 2009 #1
    I am confused about how to find arctan and arcsin

    Specific Problem: y= arctan(4x/7) find derivative with respect to y

    I know that d/dx arctan is 1/(1+x^2) am stuck on what to do. Any help would be awesome thanks!

    *p.s. i am very new to this site and it looks awesome!! also not exactly sure where to post things so please any advice on posting would also be helpful
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    if y=arctan(4x/7) what is the inverse of this?
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    matt crouch is suggesting that you find x as a function of t, then find dx/dy and "invert". That allows you to use tan instead of arctan.

    But since you say you know the derivative of arctan so just use the chain rule.
    Since d(arctan(u))/du= 1/(1+u2), d(arctan(u))/dx= (1/(1+u^2))du/dx where u= 4x/7.
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