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Homework Help: Determine curren in a 1500 W water heater connected to 220 V

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    A 1500 W heater is connected to 220 V. Calculate
    a) the current in the heater
    b) the resistance of the heater
    c) the termal energy provided by the heater in 1 hour
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    Is 220V AC or DC?
    If AC;

    a) do you want the rms or peak current?
    b) the reactance or resistance?
    c) did you mean "thermal" energy?

    Either way, these question use the very basic formulas for power, voltage and current. Look up the most simplest formulas relating those quantities and attempt the question.
    c) tests your understanding of the fundamental definition of power...see what you can find.
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    Don't know if it should be AC or DC...
    a) peak current
    b) resistance
    c) yes, sorry i meant thermal

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    It'll probably be best if you list down the formula's you think you should use, and attempt it..we can tell you if your on the right track then..
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    Sounds like a DC problem to me, just because no other information was given (or at least given in your post)
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