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Determine the capacity of a boiler

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    i want to know how can i determine the capacity of a boiler needed to generate steam which will be used in order to heat water.

    take into consedration that i know the flow rate of the water and the inlet and aoutlet temprature to and from the exchanger.
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    You haven't specified anything about the heat exchanger or its efficiency and you need to factor that in before you can determine how much steam (at what temperature and pressure) you need. Remember that steam inlet temperature to the heat exchanger is vitally important. Do you know why?
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    For starters, delta-t times flow rate (in lb/hr) is btu....
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    well you gotta check the power output you need.... the max load that is.... then you know the steam to be produced.... one way to estimate the size of the boiler.....
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    i think the peak load needed can be calculated using Q=m c DeltaT, m being flow rate, c specific heat ratio, and DeltaT should be the difference in temperature from inlet to outlet thus telling us how much heat the water absorbed. after this step you would have to do complex forced convection/conduction/and convection to find the transfer of heat from steam to the water. to do this u would need those unknowns: conductivity of the pipe(or material), length, entry temp of steam, velocity of entry of steam. usually one of the last 2 is unknown and u wil use the formula to find it.
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