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A boiler is a closed vessel in which fluid (generally water) is heated. The fluid does not necessarily boil. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications, including water heating, central heating, boiler-based power generation, cooking, and sanitation.

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  1. DaveC426913

    What is this pipe on my boiler, and why is it leaking?

    A house inspector has noted this leak in our boiler. I don't know what this pipe is for. It seems to have some sort of steam release valve on top and it vents right out onto the basement floor. Help! Prospective buyers want to know why our boiler is leaking.
  2. C

    Should a central heating boiler be kept on all the time or on a timer?

    Yet no-one has been able to provide any formulae etc to expand the topic further. A lot is said about house construction (high mass vs low mass) but that doesn't take the discussion any further. I think the key question is if your house is badly insulated then it's losing heat all the time...
  3. E

    Is My Samovar Really 110V or 220V? Decoding the Resistance of the Element

    Need some help please. Bought a Samovar (electric water pot) from overseas. Seller told me it is 110V compatible but the base plate not sp clearly says 110v/220V in Russian. Seller tells me that I should not use it in a 220V outlet but when plugged into a 110V it took 45 minutes to boil 8L...
  4. S

    Diesel Injector and Water Tube Boiler Back-Pressure

    Diesel injector: How much pressure relative to the maximum combustion chamber pressure during the sharpest phase of detonation does an injector need to be able to overcome to inject its full charge? How much overlap is typical between injection and detonation? Water-tube boiler: Are the water...
  5. S

    Steam boiler efficiency calculations

    Summary:: I'm going through my homework. I am confident I have everything correct except for my boiler efficiency. It seems too high at 99%. I would like to think my logic is sound but it can't be right. A boiler is designed to generate steam at 5 MPa and 400oC. A fuel is selected with a...
  6. A

    Pipe Design to pump sea water from the ocean to a boiler via intermediate tanks

    I am in the process of designing a pumping/piping system for fun, have no experience in this field, but I enjoy learning. I have been using ANSI/ASME codes in the project quite a bit. For the system I am using 4" nom. Schedule 40 316 SS pipe. The reason I selected the pipe is because the...
  7. V

    Ts = temperature of steamModel Boiler: Negative Rate of Change of Enthalpy

    hello, I have dynamically modeled a drum boiler, but when i am solving the equation i am getting an negative rate of change of enthalpythe reason i find is the enthalpy of the steam is very higher than the enthalpy of water. can someone please verify the model and help me with this...
  8. S

    Calculating the Mass Flow Rate of a boiler

    Im trying to do some past exam papers. If i can get help with the method on how to solve and have correct formulas, it will help me. I) There is one formula in the notes to get mass flow rate: Heat lost by steam = Heat taken up by water GsHfg = (GwCpw)(change in temp) Gs x 2748 x 10x103 =...
  9. P

    HVAC Exhaust flow for the chimney design on a custom boiler

    Hi all 😁 Hopefully it's ok to ask this question here. Ok so my project is a little bit redneck as opposed to being engineered science. I have been experimenting with burning waste oil in my oil furnace in my garage. It is an average house oil furnace with Beckett burner. ( burner has electric...
  10. Chandrakanth_balusa

    Question about the Ramping-up procedure for a steam boiler

    Hello Experts, I have a question regarding the operation of a steam boiler. if the load is increased on the turbine generator set of a steam power plant, i learned that the fuel injection to the boiler has to be increased to serve the additional load. so my question is, do we also have to...
  11. S

    Cartoonish boiler effect -- illusion or computing artefact?

    In this clip www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGtUGuAY63E&t=25s starting from 00:25, the engine comes to a stop and reverses. If you watch the boiler, you see that it appears to bend under its own inertia like the boiler on a cartoon engine might when reversing in a hurry. If you play that again and...
  12. Ali Durrani

    Optimum boiler pressure for Waste heat recovery system

    Hello Guys, I am a mechanical Engineer working on a semester project, to design a waste heat recovery system for a cement plant Air quenching cooler (AQC). For WHR i have to first design a AQC Boiler. According to the Data provided by the plant incharge, Air at the exit of cooler has a volume...
  13. Prizzard

    I Crazy steam-hydraulic unit design

    I can't find equations for wall thickness or required temperature to generate steam at 6000psi. The goal here is a pressure vessel 'cylinder' 30" diameter, 36" long. It will be used to pump 42000psi hydraulics using a piston pump directly driven to a smaller series of pistons to allow the...
  14. electr

    Producing Dry Saturated Steam in a Fire Tube Boiler

    Homework Statement Dry saturated steam at a temperature of 180ºC is to be produced in a fire tube boiler from the cooling of 50 000 kg h–1 of flue gases from a pressurised combustion process. The gases enter the tubes of the boiler at 1600ºC and leave at 200ºC. The feed water is externally...
  15. T

    Thermodynamics - Cooling of a boiler caused by a water leak

    Homework Statement I want a detailed understanding of the temperature drop of a boiler when water is lost from a leak. I have a temperature recording of a leak that lasted for an hour and caused the temperature to drop from 170oC to 150oC when 2.55m3 of water was lost. I have tried using steam...
  16. Adam Bourque

    How can a Boiler Tune Up Improve Efficiency and Save on Costs?

    Homework Statement BTU input: 2.5 MMBtu/hr Annual Gas usage: 8,525 MMBtu Average Natural Gas Cost (Previous 12 months): $7.59/MMBtu Manufacturing Plant – 7am-7pm, 7 days/week, 50 weeks/yr Assembly/warehouse - 7:00am-10:00pm, 7 days/week, 363 days/yr The gas analyzer was used to check the O2...
  17. J

    How to Calculate Heater Gain for a Boiler?

    Hi I am an electronics and communication engineer and hence doesn't know about heat transfer or termodynamics. I need to design a system using PID where I need to control the temperature of water in a boiler by controlling AC power to boiler heater. I don't have the datasheet of the heater. I...
  18. Gary K

    I Does Increasing PSI on a Boiler Increase its BHP Output?

    Just completed an experiment using a Cleaver Brooks 30bhp boiler rated at 140 PSI. At 40 PSI I did a "vent to atmosphere" test with a water meter attached to the boiler feed tank. I was able to find the equilibrium point of the boiler (didn't kick off, pressure remained fairly constant) over the...
  19. S

    Calculating Mass Flow Rate of Steam

    Homework Statement If 5% of the heat available for steam production is lost to the atmosphere, determine the amount of steam raised per hour when the total flow of flue gases is 1400 kmol h-1. qmH = 1400 kmol h-1 Flue gas temperatures: Inlet = 1832°C Outlet = 300°C Water temperature: Inlet...
  20. G

    Boiler volume for specific steam turbine?

    New here, hope someone can help. I'm experimenting with a heat source for a steam turbine. I have the specs for the turbine and the necessary conditions for operation, but at this point in my design I need to figure out the volume of the actual boiler/reservoir. A direct answer or the right...
  21. R

    Combustion of Coal in a boiler

    A quantity of coal used in a boiler had the following analysis: 82% C; 5% H; 6% O; 2% N; 5% ash. The dry flue gas analysis showed 14% CO2 and some oxygen. Calculate the oxygen content of the dry flue gas. I have first written the formula for combustion including the variables for balancing the...
  22. R

    What controls the Steam Pressure inside a boiler?

    I've seen various types of boilers in industries e.g. 7 bar, 10 bar, 30 bar etc. What exactly in the operations / design of these boilers sets the steam pressure that will be produced? For simplicity let us restrict ourselves to fire tube coal fired boilers that produce saturated steam...
  23. K

    I with steam boiler + generator theory

    Hi. My group and I did a practical the other day and we have to write a lab report on it using our data and the data of another group. The steam boiler creates steam which is fed through a nozzle to a turbogenerator. The generator creates electricity, and this is fed into a loop with a...
  24. B

    Oil Fired Boiler Steam exam revision question

    Homework Statement See image attached, have completed the parts a and b using steam tables and interpolation and got the answers a) Wet steam h at 10.5 bar: h = 2378 kj/kg b) Superheated steam at 10.5 bar @ 285 Degrees Celsius: h = 3018.12 kj/kg Which I believe to be correct now, parts c,d...
  25. B

    Steam Tables: Oil fired boiler questions

    Homework Statement This is from a practice mechanical science exam for HNC engineering. See attachment for the question sheet off a practice exam. I have no idea how to do this after the a and b parts and my answers for which are below the question (underlined), any suggestions or solutions...
  26. y2j

    How to -- electric boiler design

    Hi all Are there is an idea to design (thermal design )the size of an small electric steam boiler if the heat input is about (10 Kw)
  27. N

    Heat Recovery from Boiler Exhaust Gases

    Homework Statement The exhaust gases from a natural gas-fired central heating boiler leave the boiler at a temperature of 70 deg C. The oxygen content of the exhaust gases is 9% by volume (dry). The rate of energy input (Gross calorific value) to the boiler from natural gas is 16kW. The gross...
  28. Amr Ali 33

    Boiler efficiency using ASTM PC6 standards

    can anyone provide a sample calculation for this particular standard the input output/method or the indirect way, I'm familiar with british standards i.e. boiler efficiency = output /fuel energy input ...but the ASTM standard give a more detailed calculation
  29. Amr Ali 33

    Maximizing Boiler Efficiency: The Indirect Method

    Homework Statement i have a project regarding to boiler efficiency and how can it varies with excess air and flue gas temperature ( using the indirect method ) i will estimate the boiler efficiency at a different conditions , it's not that i can't do the calculations but doing the same thing...
  30. S

    How to calculate boiler Fuel Requirement for how much water?

    I am doing my research thesis. I want to operate a steam turbine through biogas. I need to know how do I calculate the boiler water requirements i.e how much biogas heat will be required to heat an exact amount of water? Is there a specific way to calculate it? thanks
  31. L

    MHB Minimizing the cost of a boiler

    it is necessary to manufacture a boiler, composed of a cylinder and two funds hemispherical, with walls of uniform thickness, and for a given volume V. Calculate the dimensions of the boiler which can be built with the least amount of material. r = cubic sqrt of ( 3v/4pi)V = 2pir2H + 4/3pir3...
  32. E

    Calculating Flue Gas Losses, Shell Boiler

    I am currently performing an acceptance test for a newly installed gas fired shell boiler. I am following the British Standard "BS EN 12953-11:2003". I have encountered a problem with equation (8.5-2) found on page 16 of the document described above. This problem being that a value of...
  33. E

    Is sensible heat involved in the equivalent evaporation of boiler?

    1.Is sensible heat involved in the equivalent evaporation of boiler? While studying about the equivalent evaporation of boiler I got confused about the equation. The equation says,2. E=Total heat required to evaporate feed water/2257(latent heat of water) The definition of E is the amount of...
  34. J

    Avtomatisation of industrial coal burning boiler

    Homework Statement Image: http://www.coal2nuclear.com/Fossil%20Fuel%20Power%20Station%20Core%20-%20Relabeled%20-%20982.jpg I need to know the critical parameters of getting steam, so that i know which measuring instruments to use and where to put them so that following statemnts are true...
  35. L

    Calculating Boiler Capacity and Steam Properties

    Homework Statement An electric generating plant boils water to produce high pressure steam. The steam spins a turbine that is connected to the generator. a) how many liters of water must be boiled to fill a 5.0 m^3 boiler with steam at 50 atm and 400 degrees Celsius. b) The steam has...
  36. A

    What product can I use to line my dosing tank for my boiler?

    I have an old tank on site that is in need of some TLC. Its a dosing tank for our aux boiler. It has a good bit of surface rust but its nothing a grinder can't fix. Does anyone know of a product I could line this tank with? Maby some sort of spray on product or a product that can be laid...
  37. J

    Water Nucleate Boiling possibility in a fire tube Boiler

    Hi guys, I'm designing a simple waste heat recovery Fire Tube Boiler. The Flue gas inside the tubes has an average temperature of 300 C (572 F). The tubes are submerged in water at a pressure of 6 atm, this gives us the saturated steam temperature of 158.83 C ( 318 F). I've calculated The...
  38. C

    Boiler efficiency and fuel consumption

    Homework Statement A boiler is to produce 6250 kg/h of steam superheated by 40 oC at a pressure of 2.1 MN/m2. The temperature of the feedwater is 50 oC. If the thermal efficiency of the boiler is 70%, how much fuel oil will be consumed in one hour? The calorific value of the fuel oil used is...
  39. S

    Calculate volume and surface area of a boiler

    Homework Statement A boiler drum is equipped with hemispherical heads (i.e. the two heads together make a sphere.) The diameter of the drum is 0.8 meters and the drum is 5 meters in length. Calculate: a.) The area of insulation required to cover the entire drum. b.) The total...
  40. M

    Calculating heat req. by fuel in boiler, interpolation needed.

    1) Feed water enters a boiler at 172.52 degrees Celsius. The boiler produces super heated steam at 5600kpa and 472 degrees Celsius. The boiler efficiency is 82%. Find the Heat required by fuel. 2) I interpolated the value given for feed water and super heated steam. h@5600kpa 472 degrees...
  41. A

    ASME Boiler & Vessel Pressure Code Links

    Dose anybody can give me link for ASME codes for boiler & vessel pressure. Thanks
  42. M

    My espresso boiler temperature controller project

    So, I've been thinking about this for years as I've began studying Mechanical Engineering, but I never felt like I had the time or expertise to undertake the project: to make my own temperature controller at the heart of a fully functional and high quality espresso machine. It wasn't until this...
  43. DaveC426913

    How Do You Calculate the Age Ratio Between a Ship and a Boiler?

    The ship is twice as old as the boiler was when the ship was as old as the boiler is. What is the ratio of their ages? I do believe I have solved this (without Googling) and have uploaded my answer online with a timestamp of 10:35PM 4/27/2011 (i.e. before I posted this). Let me know...
  44. T

    Boiler Drain Line Diameter Problems

    Hi there, I am currently doing an upgrade of the drain lines at a power station, the steam temperature (in the section where the drain line is to be installed) is 217*C and it's pressure is 31MPa, I am looking for an ASME or any other code specification that explains how to determine the...
  45. E

    Should I Replace Only the Boiler or the Entire Heating System?

    Hi, I'm planning to replace a back boiler (which is at least 15 years old) with a combi boiler. Assuming that the rest of the system is the same age, is it sufficient to flush the existing radiators and pipes, or is it better to replace the radiators and pipework as well? Duraflow | Leaky...
  46. R

    Improving Fire Tube Boiler Combustion Efficiency: What Software Can I Use?

    currently, I'm be studying on improving fire tube boiler's combustion efficiency. so, i need a software which is applicable to the title above in order to prove my calculation according to the formula. can u tell me what software can be used?
  47. R

    Firing into a industrial boiler

    Which transfers more heat inside a water tube boiler furnace. The flame entering the boiler, or the combustion gases generated by the flame from a combustion chamber located outside the boiler? Assume the flame is not impinging any water tube. Would appreciate any and all feedback…with a...
  48. X

    How Efficient is an old-style coal-fired steam boiler?

    I've been looking around for any hint of this kind of thing, for a story I'm planning to write, and while I can ignore discrepencies between, say, actual history and events in my story, my inner scientist won't let me ignore this! The situation is as follows; imagine an early industrial...
  49. R

    What does it take to design a high pressure solar boiler

    Hi everyone, I intend to design a high pressure solar central tower boiler/receiver that can output super heated steam. The idea here is that the solar receiver receives about 800Kw of solar radiation and uses it boil water (36C) to about 590C/150bar. My educational background is not...
  50. D

    Calculating efficiency of a boiler

    Hi, I've been attempting this problem all week now and I can't seem to even begin to obtain an answer which is highly frustrating, so here's the problem: An electric boiler is required to raise the temperature of 90 litres of water per hour by 35oC. If the input required to affect this...