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Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Vehicle Dynamics

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    Hello everybody,
    I am looking for some help from Native english speakers (or otherwise extremely good speakers), for a bulletproof grammar review for a research paper.

    The paper is about education and automotive engineering, so context is important and so the reason I post it here.

    If you could point out some mistakes (and I am sadly sure there will be), it will help me continue improving.

    Paper is attached in PDF. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the PF.

    I skimmed the paper, and saw a number of small grammar and punctuation problems, probably too many to list without spending a couple of hours doing it. A better approach would be for you to find someone there locally at the University of Baja California who could just mark up a hard copy for you. There are probably at least a couple dozen small things that should be fixed. :smile:
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