What is Vehicle dynamics: Definition and 28 Discussions

For motorized vehicles, such as automobiles, aircraft, and watercraft, vehicle dynamics is the study of vehicle motion, e.g., how a vehicle's forward movement changes in response to driver inputs, propulsion system outputs, ambient conditions, air/surface/water conditions, etc.
Vehicle dynamics is a part of engineering primarily based on classical mechanics.

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  1. U

    I How find moment of inertia for car in turn?

    I understand what is moment of inertia is, flywheel with more mass at the edge has more inertia than flywheel that has mass closer to center. quote from link:https://decarreteres.wordpress.com/2019/04/24/chassis-engineering-polar-moment-of-inertia/ " We will only consider the engine and...
  2. K

    Jackhammer on Vehicle Suspension, Unsprung Mass, Tire patch load

    Hello all, I wanted to know what would happen if I put a jack hammer system on the unsprung part of the suspension, I posted this on the engineering forum but couldn't get a complete answer. https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=512117 Basically the argument was if the reaction would...
  3. Chimaera987

    Inertia of the drivetrain components of a 4x4 vehicle

    Hi, I’m making a vehicle simulator and I’m not entirely sure if my inertia calculations are right or are completely wrong. What I currently have now is something like this: 1. Engine: engine_Out_Inertia = engine_Inertia; this should contain the inertia of the engine and all of it’s auxiliaries...
  4. Saalz

    Engineering Applying Physics to Vehicle Dynamics: Do Wheel Number Matter?

    I was modeling the dynamics of a vehicle for a project, and started doubting about the way of applying physics in this particular case. The thing is, I know the torque in the wheels from the torque the electric motor I designed do provide, multiplied by the gearbox ratio. I also know the...
  5. S

    I Simple lateral vehicle dynamics model

    I have run into a problem when trying to model a simplified vehicle that has three degrees of freedom – roll, vertical and lateral motions. It is represented by a single mass with two links that model the suspension behaviour. The links connect the tyre-to-ground contact points (tc) to the body...
  6. M

    What are the key considerations for designing an Inductrack highway system?

    Summary:: I have to show to my university class an innovative feasible project. It's about new generation Highways, based on the Inductrack model. There are a lot of questions that I have to ask to know if it's a feasible project, so if there is someone patient that have time to answer all my...
  7. A

    Data sources for Vehicle Dynamics Model validation?

    Hello all, I have written a VDM for my Masters thesis, unfortunately, since I am from a discipline other than mechanical engineering I don't have access to reliable validation material or a way to produce it (moreover, we don't have an actual vehicle testing lab/area at the U that I know of)...
  8. LucaCaiaffa

    I Motorcycle model and tire force

    I'm having issues in the application of tire forces while deriving a multi-body model of a motorcycle via Lagrange. In particular, I considered several bodies that are: swingarm, main frame, front upper fork, front lower fork and wheels. I suppose the wheels to have zero slippage, then...
  9. J

    Torque required at the wheels to accelerate a vehicle at a certain rate?

    I'm struggling to understand something basic here. If I have a just a wheel, with mass 10kg, and radius 0.25m, and I specify that the CG is accelerating linearly at 1ms-2, how do I calculate the force needed to do this? Using F = ma gives 10N, but using this value for torque calculation on the...
  10. C

    Automotive Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive has higher maximum slip ratio?

    The graph is relationship between longitudinal force and slip ratio under the conditions of 0 longitudinal acceleration and flat road(0 angle of inclination). Which line represent FWD or RWD? Does FWD or RWD have higher maximum slip ratio?
  11. Raazi

    Automotive Electronic Torque Managment in an EV

    Hi, I am a beginner in terms of mechanics and am an electrical engineer so I apologize in advance for asking what may be trivial questions. I am attempting to create a prototype design for an electric vehicle (truck) in which I am mimicking the Telsa drive train configuration but I am stumped...
  12. E

    Calculate Max Velocity for RWD Vehicle on 6% Grade | Homework Problem

    Homework Statement Determine the maximum velocity attainable by a vehicle with the following conditions: RWD 6% grade Weight = 20 kN CG is 1.25 m behind front axle and 0.5 m above ground level. Wheel base is 2.8 m. Effective rolling radius of wheel = 30 cm Coefficient of aerodynamic drag =...
  13. Eduardo1234

    Automotive Vehicle dynamics -- Accelerating FBD

    Im starting to learn about vehicle dynamics by watching video lectures here , and also reading the books by Gillepsie and Jazar. I´ve got a fundamental question about the FBD of the vehicle. According to Gillepsie :http://imgur.com/a/lGXxw http://imgur.com/a/lGXxw The vehicle is...
  14. A

    Steering angle for Autonomous vehicle

    Dear All, Hello, I'm studying electronics engineering and I'm new in vehicle dynamics, Recently, I make an autonomous vehicle for my final project. In order to control steering angle of vehicle, I have difficulty to measure the steering angle based on curvature road and vehicle velocity. Anybody...
  15. Shriraam Prabu

    Auto track using Kinematic model

    Hi, I'm trying to implement an auto track guidance system for ground vehicles (Eg Tractors), I'm using Matlab and Simulink. I'm at a point where I can calculate heading errors. I'm not too sure how to calculate the lateral errors. Also, I need help in designing the controller. I'm using...
  16. E

    Force on wheels in an accelerating vehicle

    Assume that a motorcycle of mass m has two wheels that are equidistant from its centre i.e the force on each wheel is m*g/2. If the motorcycle accelerates forward, will the two forces on each wheel (measured instantaneously) remain the same? If not, how can one mathematically describe the...
  17. P

    What is the driving resistance force?

    Hi, I'm doing a study about tire dynamics and have some question that I can't get answers to. The first images shows the forces balances. Since we have no turqe the force has to balance ant the extensence of the T_r is obvious...
  18. D

    Improving Suspension Design: Excel Tools for Vehicle Dynamics

    Dear all, I just found your forum and read quite a few threads on suspension design and vehicle dynamics. I have been working in this area for decades and created some excel based tools that might be of interest to some of you. I might give some comment here and there :-). Cheers, dynatune
  19. C

    Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Vehicle Dynamics

    Hello everybody, I am looking for some help from Native english speakers (or otherwise extremely good speakers), for a bulletproof grammar review for a research paper. The paper is about education and automotive engineering, so context is important and so the reason I post it here. If...
  20. P

    Relation b/w slip ratio and drag force .Race car Vehicle Dynamics help

    Relation b/w slip ratio and drag force...Race car Vehicle Dynamics help... hii guyz... this is the first time i am posting on this forum and hope i ll get help... I was going through Race car vehicle dynamics by milkins and found a relation given on pg 64 which says... Drag...
  21. M

    MATLAB Matlab code used for vehicle dynamics

    Please help me recognize what is wrong with this professor supplied code... clear all options=odeset('events', @events_passing) [t,z]=ode45(@passing,[0,10],[0,50*88/60],options) plot(t,z) function [value,isterminal,direction]=events_passing(t,z) value=z(2)-88; isterminal=1...
  22. K

    Basic Vehicle Dynamics (System of Equations)

    Homework Statement Need some help, defining my physics problem. I have a simple model car powered by a twisted rubber band. See image. The left wheel represents the front, the right wheel represents the rear. The body is a simple chassis with 2 axles for the wheels. I set up a...
  23. K

    Help with a vehicle dynamics problem

    Homework Statement I'm building a little model vehicle that will be powered by a twisted rubber band. Givens: m_front wheels m_back wheels m_body coeff. of friction (static) = 0.2 assumed T = Torque applied = 0.86 N-m based on lab tests Weights (of above parts) by multiplying 9.81...
  24. Y

    Needed Information about Vehicle Dynamics and Controls

    Hi friends, Presently I am in my 1st semester of my Masters and have taken course on Basic controls and Modeling, I don't have any course on Vehicle dynamics offered in our University. So can you please give sources and videos where I can get basic dynamics of vehicles so that I can apply the...
  25. E

    Vehicle dynamics requirements

    I'm a CS student interested in learning vehicle dynamics to program a simulator (like iRacing for example). I know this is a difficult task but I am willing to take the long road. So I am asking here, what math and physics subjects should I go through to make this happen? I guess it's probably...
  26. A

    Vehicle Dynamics: Calculate Tractive Force at Wheel

    A vehicle's engine produces 100 hp at 4773 rpm. If the wheel radius is 12 inches, the final drive ratio is 3 and the transmission ratio is 3.00, calculate the tractive force at the wheel, in steady state.
  27. L

    Exploring the Physics of Vehicle Dynamics in Programming: An Amateur's Journey

    Centripetal force, enertia, friction, velocity, and mass; these are the forces I've collected that I need to manipulate to simulate vehicle dynamics. I'm playing around in Adobe Flash working on a vehicle rig for a simple game for self education's sake. Now I don't know anything about...