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Diamagnetism and Hydrogen Bond Strength

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    I've read a few papers regarding the effects of a uniform magnetic field on water solutions, but I'm a complete illiterate when it comes to deciphering the jargon. So far, many papers confirm that a uniform magnetic field strengthens hydrogen bonds and can increase the redox potential. I've included two papers exploring the effects. I hope someone can explain how this is happening.

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    Many experiments and text books confirm that (in the contemporary fashion) the orbit of an electron will speed up or slow down due to the orientation of a magnetic field.

    "Effect of a Magnetic Field on an Atomic Orbital" Sami M. AL-Jaber1, AbdelRahman M. Abu-Labdeh2

    http://optics.hanyang.ac.kr/~shsong/Chapter 6. Griffiths-Magnetic fields in matter 6.1~6.2.pdf

    Does the speed electron orbit affect the atom's potential to form a bond?

    Here's a research paper exploring the effects of a magnetic field on the surface tension of water.


    The conclusions were that surface tension increased. How is this happening? I appreciate your help!
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