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Diameter of a splash affected by potential energy

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    hello everbody

    Can you please tell me why the potential energy affects the diameter of a splash.
    I know that if the height from which the water drop is fallen increases the potential energy increases as well. And when the drop falls the diameter gets bigger and bigger each time I increase the height. But why?

    I look forward to your answers

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    Here's a good place to start...see the pictures too

    As the height of release increases, the kinetic energy of a given water droplet will also increase until it reaches some terminal (maximum) velocity....so it makes a bigger splash.

    unless some of the water gets stripped off via the higher velocity....(a water droplet would make a poor long distance bullet for example). As the speed of descent increases the shape of the water droplet will also change....that's all a very complex phenomena to explain exactly....likely it would have to be experimentally tested then modelled....and I'm guessing someone has...
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    Thanks for the answer. But when does it reach this terminal velocity?
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