What is Diameter: Definition and 516 Discussions

In geometry, a diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the centre of the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle. It can also be defined as the longest chord of the circle. Both definitions are also valid for the diameter of a sphere.
In more modern usage, the length of a diameter is also called the diameter. In this sense one speaks of the diameter rather than a diameter (which refers to the line segment itself), because all diameters of a circle or sphere have the same length, this being twice the radius r.





{\displaystyle d=2r\quad \Rightarrow \quad r={\frac {d}{2}}.}
For a convex shape in the plane, the diameter is defined to be the largest distance that can be formed between two opposite parallel lines tangent to its boundary, and the width is often defined to be the smallest such distance. Both quantities can be calculated efficiently using rotating calipers. For a curve of constant width such as the Reuleaux triangle, the width and diameter are the same because all such pairs of parallel tangent lines have the same distance.

For an ellipse, the standard terminology is different. A diameter of an ellipse is any chord passing through the centre of the ellipse. For example, conjugate diameters have the property that a tangent line to the ellipse at the endpoint of one diameter is parallel to the conjugate diameter. The longest diameter is called the major axis.
The word "diameter" is derived from Ancient Greek: διάμετρος (diametros), "diameter of a circle", from διά (dia), "across, through" and μέτρον (metron), "measure". It is often abbreviated DIA, dia, d, or ⌀.

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  1. chwala

    Solve the problem that involves diameter of the Bullseye

    I really do not understand what they are asking here...wording here in english is a bit confusing to me...but from similar examples, i made use of the approach below (which i still do not understand) hence my post. ##\dfrac{30π}{60 ×180} = \dfrac{0.0254}{d}## ##d = \dfrac{274.32}{30π}## ##d=...
  2. B

    Calculating Cable Turns for a Job

    Hello, I'm trying to help my kiddo with some math, and unfortunately this is stumping me. A full reel of cable has a diameter of 60 inches. A job requires 314 feet of cable. How many turns of cable should be taken off the the reel? The answer is 20 turns, but I can't seem to figure out how...
  3. Astronuc

    B Exoplanet TOI-4603 b, ~13x Jupiter mass, ~1.04 Jupiter diameter

    https://phys.org/news/2023-03-massive-giant-exoplanet-tess.html It is one of the most massive and densest exoplanets. For comparison, Mo has a density of 10.22 g/cm3 and Ta has a density of 16.6 g/cm3. I would suspect that some of the density is derived from the high compressive pressure of...
  4. M

    Calculating turbine RPM in a pipe with known air velocity and diameter

    Hello, I am trying to calculate the turbine RPM for a turbine in a closed pipe. I know the air velocity and pipe diameter. Can this be done?
  5. A

    I Fluid flow through a pin-hole of x diameter in a closed container

    Greetings, I've come across lots of exercises regarding Bernoulli's equation. However, never seen one where the top of the vessel is closed, and fluid flow exists via gas (air) going in. Has this problem been studied in the past? Assume a cylindrical vessel filled to the maximum with a D-sized...
  6. RealityMechanics

    Determining Reverse Mass Flow Rate Formula for Multiple Diameter Tubes

    Alright, this is more of a conceptual question than a HW question that will nonetheless help me design something. In the attached image, air is flowing through a large area tube and then a small area tube from right to left. A collaborator previously figured out the equation for measuring the...
  7. R

    Relationship between diameter and elastic potential energy of a wire

    I think the answer is that the elastic potential energy will be a 1/16th of the original value. This is my reasoning: 1) If the diameter doubles, the cross sectional area is 4 times the original value. (from A= πr2). 2) F= stress/area. Force (load is the same). If cross sectional area...
  8. DaveC426913

    B Scope Eyepiece diameter for old eyes

    I have a friend who wants to replace his scope. Has a balcony overlooking the lake, so less about stars; more about Moon and terrestrial. So he's interested in a (right side up) refractor. He can save on the mount by getting an alt-az instead of an eq. He's looking at this 4" Celestron...
  9. V

    Significant digits rule when determining radius from diameter

    Probably, to satisfy the significant digits rule for division, we should consider ##r = 5.0 \div 2.0##. But I'm unable to come up with a reason why significant digits rule should not apply to ##r= d \div 2##. Also, if we apply significant digits rule to this calculation then we loose accuracy...
  10. L

    Newton's Cradle same diameter, different mass

    Ball drops cm P (Momentum) Metal 10cm 92.4 Marble 10cm 29.4 Ball drops cm KE Metal KE 10cm 64.68 Marble KE 10cm 20.58
  11. L

    I What Is the Diameter of a Photon?

    What diameter does a photon have? Does it vary and if so within what range?
  12. I

    How to determine the pressure drop in pipe diameter sizing

    Hi all, I'm a tinkerer with no formal engineering background, but enjoy read about physics and engineering in general. I'm reading up on fluid flow and I'm a bit grasping at the concepts. As far as I understand it, flow rate, pressure drop and pipe size are all interrelated, where one affects...
  13. S

    I Static rotational friction: does diameter matter?

    Imagine a bolted joint with a washer between the bolt and the surface. Assuming the washer is always covered by the bolt head so it's getting a consistent load, does the washer's diameter impact the static friction being imparted on the surface? I see two conflicting ways of viewing this...
  14. D

    I Maximum hole diameter to prevent water leakage

    I have a empty bottle and immersed it into the water, where the pressure inside the bottle is equal to air pressure. If I want to make a hole on the bottle, how big is the hole to prevent the water leak into the bottle at different depth? what kind of parameter is involve in this phenomena? can...
  15. F

    I Calculate Diameter of Quad Coil Array for Speed of Light Rotation

    I would like to know how to calculate, for any specified frequency in Hz, the required diameter of a 90 degree phased, quadrature coil array such that its generated EM field achieves rotation at the speed of light. Could someone please provide an example of the calculation using a specific...
  16. J

    I Black Hole Diameter: Is It Finite or Infinite?

    Hi All I'm sure this question has been covered previously , but when searching I do not find a definitive answers. I recently watch some talks given by Kip Thorne that had me thinking about black holes and their densities. So my deduction is as follows . Using General relativity, and...
  17. L

    MHB Graph: showing that diameter is greater than average pairwise distance

    I need to prove the above statement. I have a very strong gut feeling that the above equation is not true, and so I need to find a case where the graph diameter is greater than the average pairwise distance. First off, I would like to clarify about the average pairwise distance, which is given...
  18. E

    I Solar System Diameter: Calculating Distances & Multi-Star Systems

    What is the method of calculating the diameter of a solar system knowing each of its planets distance to the star? Is it a matter of doubling the distance of the furthest planet? What about when a solar system has more than one star?
  19. J

    Electron moles present in wire cross-section

    So I know current is just coulombs/second. Electrons are also in the unit of coulombs, so I can get coulombs to cancel. 7.9C/s/1.602E-29C = 4.93133E29 1/s Now I just need to get mol on top. There are 6.022E23 electron in a mol so 4.93133E29 1/s / 6.022E23 atoms/mol = 8.1889E5 mol/s. Now my...
  20. B

    Fluid velocity and pipe diameter using the continuity equation

    Hi, Can anyone let me know if I had done this Q correctly? Thanks for any help!
  21. Arman777

    A Confusion in Angular diameter distance

    I am writing an article about the Hubble Tension and when I was looking through the angular diameter distance I get confused over something. In many articles the angular diamater distance to the LSS defined as the $$D_A^* = \frac{r_s^*}{\theta_s^*}$$ where ##r_s^*## is the comoving sound...
  22. docnet

    How to increase a hole/thread diameter in gold

    Hello, I am trying to change a 0.9mm screw with a 1.0mm screw. The material is 18k gold, and so the hole is to be threaded. Is it ill advised to force the larger screw in without tapping the smaller hole? the difference in screw size is just .1mm, and we assume the thread pitches are...
  23. Amitkumarr

    To measure the diameter of a sphere using a screw gauge

    Least count of the screw gauge = Pitch÷No. of divisions on circular scale=1.5÷100 mm =0.015mm According to me,in this case the main scale reading should be taken as 2 mm because it is the one which is visible and circular scale reading should be 76. So, Diameter=2 mm + 0.015×76 mm = 2 mm + 1.14...
  24. K

    Angular diameter of an orbit

    I am confused because the question implies that I need to do some sort of calculation with Kepler's law. I got ##r+d = \sqrt[3]{\frac{T^2 GM}{4 \pi^2} } ## But don't understand why I need this, since I already have the distance and the angular diameter should be ##\arctan (2R/d)## I think I...
  25. Uchida

    Minimium diameter of an electromagnetic beam in terms of wavelength

    Is there a limit on the minimum diameter that a collimated electromagnetic beam must have (lasers or masers), in terms of its wavelength, or it is possible to create a beam with its diameter smaller than its wavelength? I'm considering a colimated planar wave directly from the source, and not...
  26. MrMoe

    Bearing race diameter inequality question

    Hello all this is my first post. I am not an engineer, but I wish I was. I have been enjoying watching Dan Gelbart!s YouTube Chanel. His air bearing has me wondering about the relationship and apparent conflict inside ball bearings. How does the ball travel around the shorter distance...
  27. anemone

    MHB Find the diameter of one circle

    Five identical semicircles are arranged as shown. Find the diameter of one circle. \draw (0,0) -- (16.5, 0); \begin{scope} \clip (0,0) rectangle (4.5,4.5); \draw (2.25,0) circle(2.25); \draw (0,0) -- (4.5,0); \end{scope} \begin{scope} \clip (6,0) rectangle (10.5,4.5); \draw...
  28. Arnsol

    Engineering Question about the safety factor for a shaft diameter

    Hello, So we are designing a turbine. We have a shaft that receives 710W / 13.6NM / 500RPM from the runner and we are going to find a diameter with safety factor of 3. Take the following information regarding metal: Aluminium 6061 Tensile strength 115 MPa Yield strength 48 MPa Shear...
  29. new90

    Calculating Molecular Diameter: A Guide

    How can I calculate diameter of a molecule
  30. S

    A Mode Field Diameter and Penetration depth of the Evanescent field

    Source: fobasics.blogspot.com Source: scirp.org As it is shown in the first pic above that the mode field diameter is defined as the mode field decreases to 1/e (in intensity 1/e^2), if I take the mode field and subtract the core's diameter then I divide it by 2, should I get the penetration...
  31. B

    Estimating oil molecule diameter

    Can anyone help me in what assumptions I can make and how to justify them for when working out diameter of the molecule in part b) of this question? You can see the method that I have used in my workings but how would I explain it in words? I obtained the diameter to be 0.13 nano metres which...
  32. maistral

    Shell diameter for ST-type exchanger equation

    Hello. I have figured out a few things about ST-type exchangers and I intend to build a reactor with this new knowledge. I have a rather... small problem. So I searched for shell diameter correlations given the pitch and number of tubes and I found this from a writeup: Apparently, it's from...
  33. Leanne

    Finding the diameter of a wire

    Mentor node: Added code tags From=menu('select:','c', 'g', 'a', 's:'); This is part of my code and I'm not coming up with anything close l=input('input wire length') %current copper=12.5572...
  34. M

    Engineering Help with pressure drop/transposing formula to get pipe diameter

    Hello. My attempt at the solution is as follows: l = 160m Q= 300 ls-1 R= p2/p1= 6+1.01/1.01 = 6.94 (2dp) d = Unknown Pressure drop = 0.3 Bar 0.3 = 800*160*300^2/6.94*d^5.31 0.3 = 1.152x10^10/6.94*d^5.31 0.3 ( 6.94*d^5.31) = 1.152x10^10 6.94*d^5.31 = 1.152x10^10/0.3 d^5.31 =...
  35. I

    How can I calculate the bending moment of a pin in double shear?

    I have attached an Excel-worksheet in which the problem should be clearified. The problem concerns the calculation of the bending moment acting in a pin in double shear, experiencing a certain load from a hydraulic cylinder. The plate thicknesses should be taken into account. Specifications and...
  36. H

    How to exactly calculate the required wire diameter?

    Hi! I would like to know how to exactly calculate required wire diameter? For example, here I found this calculator on internet: https://www.solar-wind.co.uk/CST.html . It takes acceptable loss, volts, amps, and cable length for arguments. It specifies Vdc. Would it be different formula with...
  37. L

    I Particle Accelerator with the Earth's diameter

    If particle accelerators with circumference of the Earth could be built (imagine around the world). How many TeV can it reach? Maybe new physics can occur at 2000 TeV. I heard the US nuclear arsenals costs 2 trillion dollars. Worldwide, the total costs of all nations nuclear arsenals may reach...
  38. R

    I Arc diameter as a function of arc length and chord length

    I'm trying to determine if a certain bicycle tire size will fit my bike, and that determination is based on the inflated diameter (or width) of the tire. As such, I'm trying to come up with a formula that will give me the diameter of a bicycle tire as a function of the tire's carcass width and...
  39. B

    I Focused proton beam waist diameter

    According to this link (https://lhc-machine-outreach.web.cern.ch/lhc-machine-outreach/collisions.htm) the LHC achieves a beam waist diameter of approximately 64 microns. What limits them from getting a tighter focal point? Are lower energy beams easier or harder to focus tightly?
  40. R

    Force Required to Stretch a Rubber Band to a Certain Diameter

    Summary: Looking of someone to double check my work on this design issue. I am posting this here because I am no longer a student, but it is similar to a simple homework problem Problem: I am designing a rubber-band like product for a client. He wants to take a durable rubber band and stretch...
  41. M

    Pulley Diameter knowing only force and motor specifications

    Hello, How to determine the pulley diameters? The only know factors are listed below. The smaller pulley is attached to a motor that drives the belt drive system. The bigger pulley is driven and has a lifting force of 45N. Known factors: Motor: Pololu 70:1 37Dx54L mm 12V...
  42. Nathan Warford

    B Radio source Hercules A and galaxy 3C 348

    I have found plenty of information about the radio source Hercules A. Its large radio jets are 1.5 million light years long from end to end, the supermassive black hole that produces Hercules A is 3 to 4 billion solar masses, and the black hole exists in the center of galaxy 3C 348. However, I...
  43. fight_club_alum

    Path diameter difference of two singly-charged ions in a magnetic field

    M1(50,000)/q (0.4) - M2(50,000)/q (0.4) = 0.025 Is there a special charge for singly charged ions?
  44. W

    MHB Circles in a square and diameter of the circle

    A circle is inscribed in a square with sides = 40. A smaller (of course!) circle tangent to the above circle and 2 sides of the square is inscribed in one of the corners of the square. What is the diameter of this circle?
  45. D

    Increasing Torque with Gerotor Design: Lengthening, Diameter, and Series

    How do you increase torque in gerotor design other than increasing flow. Will lengthening it increase torque? Will increasing diameter increase torque? What about running 2 or 3 in series?
  46. R

    Electron Gun diffraction and undeflected spot diameter

    Hi I am doing an electron gun diffraction right now and I wonder why the angle below is 2 phi. What I think about it that it's actually the results of two waves one is shown below and the other is a wave with the same accident angle but negative "those two rays will be symmetric around the...
  47. S

    Why does reduced diameter decrease flow?

    Textbooks say it decreases flow. But, when I think about it... If you blow through a small straw, you are blowing out less volume. But wouldn't the speed of flow be higher, therefore making up for the decrease in volume? Like this: Lower volume squeezed out faster = higher volume squeezed out...
  48. E

    Calculating airflow with pressure and diameter?

    Hi. Is there any way to calculate airflow out of a tube (into atmosphere) with only the pressure and cross sectional area of the tube?
  49. Kevin J

    What is the resistance of a wire if its diameter is doubled?

    This was a MCQ question on one of my Cambridge IGCSE Exams, the answer key said that the resistance would decrease by 16 folds (1/16 less then the previous one), I don't know how they got 16 from? (Apparently, I answered 1/4 and it was wrong)