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Did Nikola Tesla discover a way to harness free energy?

  1. Sep 3, 2014 #1
    And did he have patent/s for it...

    I understand that their are alot of hoaxes and unsourced information out there so I want to know if there is some truth to the claim. I understand that energy can not be created or destroyed but what free energy is referring to is energy that is released naturally like solar power for example. The solar panels harness the solar energy which is "free" in that sense. I also understand perpetual motion is impossible and I know there are alot of magnet motor/generator videos out there that are most likely all hoaxes (with science there is always possibility)..... so yes I am just wondering if Tesla did find a way to harness "free energy" entirely new energy source or utilized radiant energy or the ionosphere somehow...

    Thank you in advance
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    What makes you think he may have?
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    That is why I am asking because there are alot of unsourced articles say that he has.... did you read
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    No he didn't. Many people think his efforts to transmit power without wires was a mythical free-power system. I read extensively about Tesla back before all the Internet made it possible for nuts to spread garbage widely. The wireless power concept would have created a standing wave between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere which people would be able to tap anywhere. Didn't work.
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    Tesla was a clever fellow but he is being MASSIVELY overestimated in the modern pop media. There are numerous threads about this here on this forum. Do a forum search. A good place to start, as always, is at the bottom of the post where there are links to similar threads. You'll find that most of them end up getting closed because even on this forum there are people who take the nonsense seriously.
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    Nope, I haven't got to those articles yet ...
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    By this definition, wouldn't all energy we use be free energy? Petrol is a natural chemical that we process to make gasoline after all...
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    Thread closed. Discussing Tesla is a waste of time in general. He did some good things, but as pointed out in this thread, there is a lot of misinformation about real physics in discussions about Tesla.
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