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Didn't NASA find worms on Mars ?

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    I think im going crazy because i could have sworn i remember a press conference with NASA displaying rocks from Mars with worm fossils in them. and this was about 12-10 years ago. Any reference to this on the internet seems to have been wiped out....Am i crazy?
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    You sorta remember correctly. There was a provocative announcement, but it was never confirmed that what was seen actually was life (or if it was, if it was actually from Mars). It was probably just tube-shaped crystals or contamination from Earth.
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    Naw. That's what the Martian worms want you to believe. :wink:
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    These things?

    I think they determined that these objects were created as part of a chemical reaction as it heated up on entering the Earth's atmosphere. russ_waters isn't correct though, they did determine that the meteor was from Mars.

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