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Homework Help: Difference between cout and cout.write in C++

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    What's the purpose of cout.write. Isn't it pretty much the same thing as cout?

    For eg, the following code would work the same with cout and cout.write

    int main( )
    { char string[80] ;
    cout<<"Enter string\n" ;
    cin.getline(string, 80) ;
    int x1 = strlen(string) ;
    for(int i = 0 ; string != '\0' ; i++)
    if(string == ' ')
    string = '-' ;
    cout<<"The changed string is\n" ;
    cout.write(string, x1) ;
    return 0 ;
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    cout.write() is the public method to actually write a string.

    cout is used in an overloaded version of the << operator.
    In particular this allows you to stream any type into cout, which is not something cout.write supports.
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