Different Branches of Engineering

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    Okay so I am most likely going to go to GA Tech and major in Engineering, but I don't full understand each branch of engineering. So if someone could explain differences between a mechanical engineer, civil engineer, chemical engineer, aerospace engineer, nuclear engineer, etc. I would really appreciate it!
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    This is a very basic and broad question requiring a very long answer. It isn't the sort of thing that can be easily answered in a forum, but it is the sort of thing that is easily answered by Google or Wikipedia. You really should start there, read for an hour or so, then come back with much more specific questions.
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    You don't have any clue from the various titles?
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  6. I think you should change your major to business/management because it seems like you want everyone to do all the busy work for you whilst you go play video games/golf/etc.
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  9. Wiki Wiki Wiki Peida ,have you tried Google as well??
    btw,how did you get admitted to GA while you can't answer simple question like this one? (no offense).
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