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Homework Help: Different Notations of Direction

  1. Nov 5, 2008 #1
    So I get that [25 degrees North of East] is a line that is 25 degrees above the east axis.

    But what about [E25S]

    Is that [25 degrees South of East]
    or [25 degrees East of South]

    My teacher says that [E25S] is [25 degrees East of South]

    but based on that notation I think it is [25 degrees South of East]

    Please help me determine this because he has deducted marks for it. Any credible internet sources would be helpful.
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    I don't have any sources, but you have a legitimate argument there.

    I too would interpret [E25S] as 25 degrees South of East.

    It's very rare to see bearings (directions) given as X degrees East/West of North/South...it's much more common to see X degrees East/West of North/South.
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