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    You should have gotten two specific values for r1 and r2, one of which happens to be a fraction. Show that the function y = aer_1 x + ber_2 x is a solution to your differential equation. That's it.
  4. I did get 2 answers, r= -1 and r=1/2. So now just plug those into the equation in part b ?
  5. Mark44

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    Yes. Then for that function, show that 2y'' + y' - y = 0.

  6. O, okay thank you , it was really confusing me :confused:

  7. When I Plugged back into 2y'' + y' -y = 0 I get 2ae-x+1/2be1/2x -ae-x +1/2be1/2x -ae-x -be1/2x=0

    and theres nothing to cancel out :uhh:?

  8. Mark44

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    2ae-x+1/2be1/2x -ae-x +1/2be1/2x -ae-x -be1/2x = e-x(2a - a - a) + e.5x(.5b + .5b - b) = ?
  9. ahh totally 4got about that ex . . lets see what I can do now lol
  10. um I am still having some trouble with this . . cause even after factoring it your left with 2 unknown variables so how are you to prove it?
  11. Never Mind, I'm an idiot I already answered the Question lmao

    Thanks Guys.
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