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A member of parliament (MP) is the representative of the people who live in their constituency. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this category includes specifically members of the lower house, as upper houses often have a different title. Member of Congress or Deputy is an equivalent term in other jurisdictions. Another term is Parliamentarian.
Members of parliament seem to tend to form parliamentary groups (also called parliamentary parties) with members of the same political party.

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  1. kirito

    a new member

    hi I am a new member of the site with passion for steam subjects excited to learn form the knowledge of others and improve my understanding
  2. Arif Jamal

    My name is Arif Jamal

    Hi my name is Arif Jamal. I am 23 years old. I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in geography from Varanasi. My aim is to learn physics. Because physics fascinate me very much. While looking up in the sky and nature I keep wondering about the natural phenomenon working behind every thing...
  3. Kyle8

    Hey, I'm Kyle.

    I guess I'm here in case I need to get questions answered and reddit fails me.
  4. G

    New member here

    Hi everyone. I am a new member. I found this forum while surfing the internet for homework solutions and decided to register to strengthen my knowledge. Cheers!
  5. R

    New member here

    Hello everyone let me say hello. My name is Rodger, I am 67 yrs old and not very good at maths or physics so need a little help.
  6. Earthworm69

    Just joined - hello

    Just joined - hello. I already posted some stuff in other boards but I noticed that the mods want new users to introduce themselves first. Better late than never. I like a couple of topics that are pretty intertwined with physics, and I am taking a lot of physics and math classes, so its pretty...
  7. M

    Welcome Post

    Hi! My friends call me Mao and I am a new member here! Very pleased to know that a platform like this exists
  8. krissturm


    I am a new member of the P.F!
  9. potatoboy


    hi im a new member :smile:
  10. frhnsaif


    I am new to forum
  11. W

    Can Diamagnetism Explain Levitation?

    Hi my name is Will from PA hopefully I can get some thoughts about diamagnetism and other topics such as levitation.
  12. Ragnar OK

    Can an Arrow Shot by an Archer Hit a Flying Goose?

    An archer 🏹 shoots an arrow 💘 towards a flying goose 🪿, will it get hit 🎯🤔
  13. T

    How Can Joining Online Forums Enhance Your Understanding of Physics?

    Hello, my name is Varian Harrison. I joined this website in order to have more understanding about physics.
  14. l4teLearner

    How Can an IT Professional from Italy Dive Deeper into Mathematics and Physics?

    Hi everyone, IT professional from Italy, I have always been fascinated by maths and fundamental physics. Here to learn more about nature. Cheers
  15. U

    Is Aether Real, and Why Does Newtonian Dynamics Fail at Light Speed?

    Thread: Why does Newtonian dynamics break down at the speed of light
  16. CloudyStudent40

    Why Create an Account After Lurking on a Physics Forum?

    Long time lurker - but honestly I felt I use this often enough an account would be nice so I don't have to hope someone who's taken the class before me has already asked the questions I have. Currently in Phys II btw, might try to help out from time to time because I do love physics I feel I get...
  17. Greg Bernhardt

    New Member Award

    Please select up to 3 members who registered in the past 14 months who had the most impact on PF in 2023. This is a popular vote. Everyone nominated should feel honored. Write-ins and positive member shout-outs are welcome in this thread. Polls close on Jan 6 with the award ceremony shortly after.
  18. Meru369

    How Do Triangular Codes in Pascal's Triangle Influence Modern Mathematics?

    Hi New to here and a bit 3,6,9 possessed since finding numerous 3,6,9 equilateral triangles within what is known as Pascal's triangle... Very much looking forward to how the physics of these now not illusive codes helps or hinders mathematics as is known in the modern world... Thanks for having...
  19. Hassan Raza

    Who is Hassan? A Physics Undergrad with a Passion for Learning!

    Hi! my name is Hassan and I'm Physics Undergrad.
  20. Pohar Buragohain

    Who is Pohar Buragohain? A 1st year B.Sc. Physics student from North-east India

    Hi everyone, my name is Pohar Buragohain . I am a 1st undergraduate student in B.Sc. Physics . I am from North-east India. So I am new here hoping this website to help in my academics.
  21. DaveC426913

    Anyone here also a member at SciForums.com?

    If so, I'd like to beg a favour.
  22. practicalphysicsnoob

    What materials are transparent to infrared light?

    Came across this forum wanted to state first I have no background in physics but have been reading through a lot of these articles and would like to learn more. I just posted a thread on a question I had about materials that passthrough IR. Looking forward to seeing more posts with individuals...
  23. J

    What can I learn from being a member of Physics Forums?

    I have learned a lot from you and I am now proud to be a member of Physics Forums.
  24. scottdave

    Vote for a PhysicsForum member who made a difference

    There is still time to vote for PF members who made an impact in 2022. Vote for up to 3 members in each category. https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/2022-pf-member-awards.363/
  25. U

    Engineering Elastic Deformation of an Axially Loaded Member

    Sum of forces in the y-direction = 0 and downwards is +ve P + Fab,y = 0 P + Fab (4/5) = 0 Fab = -1.25P ẟ = FL/AE -> ẟab = FabLab/AabE ẟab = (-1.25P*.75)/(pi*(.01)^2*(200*10^3)) = -0.0149P After this step, I am uncertain of how I can relate the vertical elongation with AB's elongation to find...
  26. Greg Bernhardt

    News RIP PF Member Wolram - A Tribute to a Long-Time Member

    I have just been informed, by his sister, that long-time member @wolram passed away back in August. wolram was one of the first PF members and was a mainstay in general discussion since last year. wolram was never shy asking questions and his curiosity was endless. wolram RIP, thank you for your...
  27. T

    How Does Aging Change Our Perception of Ourselves?

    Why didn't anyone tell me?
  28. ORF

    Problem when std::function refers to member function

    Hi, I have a class master_t which is composed by two other classes, dev_a, dev_b. I would like that a member function from the dev_b object (within master_t) could use a member function of dev_a object (within master_t). This is a minimal working code, where line 26 implements this feature...
  29. H

    What Are Some Ways to Improve Physics Knowledge for Astronomy Enthusiasts?

    I'm a maths enthusiast with a pure A Level mathematics qualification. I'm currently looking to improve my physics knowledge as I have a great interest in astronomy. I'm also curious about gravity. I would like to thank you members in advance for the assistance you provide. I look forward to...
  30. D

    Mechanical Engineering Problem sets for a problem member

    I got my last post locked due to insulting a member here. I do apologize I'm under a lot of stress and was nothing personal. The post was about the level of difficulty of engineering courses compared to those of mathematics at the undergraduate level. I am just curious if anyone would be kind...
  31. W

    [Statics] Determining the normal force at an internal point of a member

    For this problem (see image), I get the correct answer for the normal force at point E if I: 1) divide the frame into members AB and CB, 2) solve for the x and y components of the reaction force at point B, 3) make a free body diagram with the cut at point E forming member EB and setting the sum...
  32. Y

    Verify a pointer to a structure that contains a pointer member

    Hi I am working on Chapter 11 Structure, this is pointer of structure where the structure has a member that is a pointer variable. I just want to run by you guys to make sure my understanding is correct. Below is a program I wrote for verification. It works...BUT I afraid it's like last time...
  33. P

    Is My Tractor Stable Enough to Support a Lift at Maximum Height?

    I am seeking some professional help regarding a recent single man lift I purchased. My question is regarding tipping force calculations. I will try to explain all of the pertenent details as best as possible. The lift I bought weighs approximately 600 lbs. It moves around on caster wheels but...
  34. anorlunda

    First TED talk by a PF staff member

    Yes, that's me in the video @anorlunda . The TedX experience was great. They worked with me for 3 months refining and practicing the talk. I got great feedback from many polished speakers. The result was that the message changed almost totally from my first draft to the final draft. I...
  35. Greg Bernhardt

    Quantum Coherent Quantum Physics by PF Member A. Neumaier

    Coherent Quantum Physics: A Reinterpretation of the Tradition by @A. Neumaier https://www.amazon.com/dp/3110667290/?tag=pfamazon01-20
  36. T

    Understanding Axial Loading On a Member

    Hello all I was hoping someone could explain Axial Forces with respect to the diagram below. I know that Axial forces relate to compression or tension and if the forces go through the centriod then it is said to be concentric or if it is not going through the centriod then its said to be...
  37. A

    I Meaning of each member being a unit vector

    Summary: Meaning of each member being a unit vector, and how the products of each tensor can be averaged. Hello! I am struggling with understanding the meaning of "each member is a unit vector": I can see that N would represent the number of samples, and the pointy bracket represents an...
  38. S

    What inspired a high school student to pursue theoretical physics?

    Hi everyone!( Hope I'm not posting this in the wrong way. I was told to give a new member introduction here so here I am!) I'm Shreyas, an aspiring theoretical physicist with a long term fascination for physics. I'm in class XII currently(i.e. in high school). I became interested in this...
  39. P

    Who is Pedro and Why is He Joining the Physics Forum?

    My name is Pedro, and I am joining this Forum, for educational reason, I want to learn everywhere (because let's be honest, Physics is awesome, so I decided to join Forums and more.
  40. bardia sepehrnia

    Calculating a force on a member (Statics)

    I isolated the member ABC and drew the free body diagram: α is then calculated using inverse tan: Tan-1=(6.25+15)/50=23.03 Then force of member BD on the joint can be found by sum of all moments around point A. Then Ax is calculated which is equal to BD×Cos(α)=235.2×Cos(23.03) Ax=216.48...
  41. YoungPhysicist

    Bug What is the issue with accessing the Member page on a laptop version of PF?

    It might just be I hadn't notice, but the "Member" page can be seen on the mobile from the dropdownbut not the laptop version of PF.
  42. Baibhab Bose

    Exploring the Boundaries of Physics and Mathematics: A Scientist's Journey

    I am Baibhab Bose, from India. I have just completed Masters in Physics from University of Delhi. I hope to delve into deeper insightful discussions on physics and mathematics and would like that there would be no 'Poles' of any order in the space of my understandings which is inside the...
  43. MaximusDecimus

    What are the main sections in PF and how can they help me learn?

    Hi there, I'm new, i would enjoy to learn a lot from here, and hopefully also contribute. kind regards
  44. S

    Hi Thank you for the membership

    As requested i will henceforth introduce myself. I am 23 years old, studying for a bachelors in physics, i am now just beginning on my second year :) My area of focus of my bachelor is in Quantum Physics, And i am thinking of persuing either the route of Solid State Physics or Particle...
  45. lc99

    Calculate Force Member in Truss

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I just want to know if I am doing this right... So, my homework is to calculate the members of a truss. So, here i have a picture of a bridge (truss). I am suppose to calculate the member going from U3 to U4. Thus, I am going to...
  46. resurgance2001

    Probability No Member Gets >1 Medal: Math Club

    Homework Statement There are 15 members of a maths club. There are 4 different medals to be randomly given to the members of the club. What is the probability that no member will receive more than one of the medals. Homework Equations Try to find the number of combinations where no member...
  47. C

    Need STEM Friends? Join Our Community!

    Hi my name is Chad, I am a graduating high school student specializing in STEM. Hoping to meet Science and Math enthusiasts here and make new friends who share the same passion in the Sciences and Maths.