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Differential equations: spring oscillation

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    A spring is stretched 10cm by a force of 3 N. A Mass of 2kg is hung from the spring and attached to a damper which exerts 3 N when the velocity = 5m/sec. There's more but I just need a little help setting it up. I don't understand how to find y (as in yu'(t)). Unless its just 3/5.

    Just a few hints would suffice, I'm not asking you to solve these.

    Thanks, Sean
    Also, I'm sorry I also posted this in the physics homework area. oopsies.
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    have you tried using energy equations like:

    m*g*height = (m*v^2)/2
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    I don't think that'll work since energy is not conserved (there is a dampening affect present).
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    uh then i don't understand your question properly... is there a drawing of it?
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