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Differential geometry or number theory (which to take)

  1. May 28, 2010 #1
    I'm entering my 3rd year of PMAT degree and need to make a choice between differential geometry and number theory. These are both undergrad courses. I am trying to decide which would be more interesting/useful to take. I am planning on going into grad school, so it would be nice to choose a course that would help with that.

    I enjoyed the abstract algebra courses, and I haven't done analysis but it seems pretty interesting.

    Any suggestions from people who have taken either or both would be appreciated

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    Weird question. You're asking us which course is more interesting? That depends on your interests! You're asking which would help more regarding grad school? That depends on which direction you go to in grad school!

    Anyway, if you haven't done any analysis, I don't think Differential Geometry is doable. The whole idea is that you can locally do analysis, on manifolds. Things like the implicit function theorem are important.

    Unless it is some kind of course about curves and surfaces without the manifolds machinery...
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    What is a PMAT degree?
    I googled it and all I found was "Pharmaceutical Microbiology Advanced Training".
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    If the NT course is elementary NT, then I don't see any need to take a course in it, the textbook by Burton's is all one needs to learn elementary NT, it's ideal for self study.

    If the DG course includes manifolds, then take it without hesitation, nowdays every modern mathematician ought to know what's a manifold.
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    thanks that helps
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