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Differentiating complex exponential

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    I asked to differentiate the given function using exponential function

    with sin(√3t + 1) I turned it into Im[e^(√3t+1)i]

    then I multiplied it by e^t

    which gave Im[e^t*e^(√3t +1)i]

    then I applied usual algebra to differentiate but I get a (t+√3ti +i) as the power of e

    when I try to differentiate (t+√3ti +i) with respect to t I can do it with the first two terms but not i

    how do you do differentiation over i? does it go to zero??

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    Why? The original e^(√3t+1)i why not stay with that?

    Yes, i is a constant. It's derivative is 0.
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    Just for assurance would you be able to get the derivative of order 8

    with just e^(√3t+1)i ??

    Cos the original function given was e^t*e^(√3t+1)i

    as it was uploaded as an image file
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