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  1. CalcExplorer

    A How to Convert a Complex Logarithm to a Complex Exponential

    Okay, so I'm working with a rather frustrating problem with a calculus equation. I'm trying to solve a calculus equation which I conceptualized from existing methods involving complex number fractal equations. I'm very familiar with pre-calculus, while being self-taught in portions of calculus...
  2. nomadreid

    B Mistake in my complex exponentiation: where?

    I am sure I am overlooking something elementary, but playing around with exponentiation (this is not an assignment), I seem to be making a mistake somewhere. Please don't send me a link for a more compact way of getting the correct result; I wish to know what my particular mistake is. Suppose...
  3. G

    A A problem about branch cut in contour integral

    Hello. I have a difficulty to understand the branch cut introduced to solve this integral. \int_{ - \infty }^\infty {dp\left[ {p{e^{ip\left| x \right|}}{e^{ - it\sqrt {{p^2} + {m^2}} }}} \right]} here p is a magnitude of the 3-dimensional momentum of a particle, x and t are space and time...
  4. A

    I Integral with complex oscillating phase

    Does there exist and analytical expression for the following integral? I\left(s,m_{1},m_{2},L\right)=\sum_{\boldsymbol{n}\in\mathbb{N}^{3}\backslash\left\{ \boldsymbol{0}\right\}...
  5. P

    The Complex Exponential

    In my electrical engineering textbook, they have an entire chapter devoted to the complex Exponential. I dont really understand it, nor do I understand its importance. I know it is extremely important, and need to understand why, and what exactly it is, and the wording of the online resources...
  6. wirefree

    Sum of 2 complex exponentials

    I appreciate the opportunity afforded by this forum to submit a question. I have struggled with the derivation shown in the attached picture. I am certainly unfamiliar with the concept used to include the arctan function in the encircled step. Would be highly appreciative of a prompt. Best...