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Diffraction diffusion effusion differences

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    Can somebody give me for mind refreshment the differences between those process :


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    Thanks, I sould have done it before...it's a posteriori a bit ashaming to have used your time for this...
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    Dang you people are so lazy :P Help him out lol. You are diffracting the work of being helpful individuals
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    No, I found all the doc on wiki....it's just i remarked i was so dumb..i really just needed the light explanation, not the calculi, it was for memory fefreshment.
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    they should make the ulity synonymous, homonymous, antonymous, doublet, ethymology working....
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    Google also has a seperate search feature. Forgot the name for it, but you can just type "define:" then your word, no spaces and it will show you up some. If you use this way, you tend to get more academically oriented definitions. i.e. Harvard, Stanford, museum websites, edu sites.
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