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Direction of trajectory, system of DE's and portrait phase in plane phase

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    Hi guys!
    I had the following system of DE's to solve:
    [itex]\alpha '=-2i \alpha[/itex]
    [itex]\beta ' =2i \beta[/itex].
    Where alpha and beta depend on t.
    I solved it by writing the system under matricial form, found the eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors.
    The solution is (and I've checked it, it works): [itex]\alpha (t)=c_1e^{-2it}[/itex], [itex]\beta (t) =c_2 e^{2it}[/itex].
    Since the eigenvalues are purely complex the trajectories in the phase plane are either circles or ellipses around (0,0).
    Now I've been reading http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/DE/PhasePlane.aspx to check out how to determine the direction of rotation.
    When I pick [itex](\alpha , \beta ) =(1,0)[/itex], I get that [itex](\alpha ' , \beta ' )=(-2i ,0)[/itex]. However on the website I've just linked, there's no example of what happens when you get complex values. I don't know how to sketch the direction of the trajectory at the point (1,0) because of that complex number.
    Is the direction counter clockwise, clockwise, none?!
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    You appear to have a 4 dimensional phase space. How do you propose sketching trajectories in that in general?
    OTOH, with beta initially zero, it will always be zero, so that makes it manageable.
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    Hey fluidistic.

    Have you checked the orientability of the Jacobian (determinant)?
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