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Discrete Mathematics - Problems with Languages

  1. Mar 26, 2006 #1
    Let [tex]\Sigma[/tex] = {[tex] \beta[/tex],x,y,z} where [tex] \beta [/tex] denotes a blank, so x[tex]\beta \neq[/tex] x, [tex]\beta \beta \neq \beta[/tex], and x[tex]\beta[/tex]y [tex]\neq[/tex] xy but x [tex] \lambda[/tex]y = xy.

    Compute each of the following:

    1: [tex] \parallel \lambda \parallel [/tex]
    2: [tex] \parallel \lambda \lambda \parallel [/tex]
    3: [tex] \parallel \beta \parallel [/tex]
    4: [tex] \parallel \beta \beta \parallel [/tex]
    5: [tex] \parallel \beta[/tex]3 [tex] \parallel [/tex]
    6: [tex] \parallel[/tex] x [tex] \beta \beta [/tex] x [tex] \parallel [/tex]
    7: [tex] \parallel \beta \lambda \parallel [/tex]
    8: [tex] \parallel \lambda [/tex] 10 [tex] \parallel [/tex]

    Uhm.. can someone help me out ? :cry: I've tried like 3 days now (without progress). Discrete math sux :P
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    How is || defined?
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    You said "[itex]\Sigma= {\beta, x, y, z}[/itex] where [itex]\Beta[/itex] is a blank", but what is [itex]\lambda[/itex]?
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