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Homework Help: Displacement, Average Speed, and Average Velocity

  1. Sep 4, 2014 #1
    Okay so I don't understand how to do the displacement of distance and time on a graph. I also need help with figuring out the average speed and average velocity. The graph deals with a Turtle's journey.
    On the Y-axis of the graph is distance in meters and the x-axis is time in minutes.
    The y-axis goes from 1-23 and the x going by threes all the up to 66.
    So the coordinates to the dots on the graph are the following: (3,2) (6,4) (12,6) (18,8) (24,10) (28,8) (30,7) (35,10) (40,12) (46,14) (51,14) (54,17) (57,20) (65,20) (66,23) *Also the total distance the turtle traveled was 29 m.

    The following question's are:
    1. What was the turtle's displacement?
    2. What was the turtle's average speed?
    3. What was the turtle's average velocity?

    My answers so far:
    1. 23-0=23 23/66= 2.9 m
    2. 29/66=2.3 m
    3. I don't even know where to begin for this one....
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    Your first two answers are correct, except that you have the units wrong on one of them.
    Displacement is a vector, velocity is a vector. Average velocity is displacement/time.
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