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Distance between earth and moon increasing!

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    I learnt that the distance betwee the Moon and the earth is increasing but I couldn't find the reason for it, Is it because of the earths orbit? I mean that when the distance is minimum , causes the moon to move towards the sun ( newtonian laws ) and even when the distance becomes maximum the earth won't be able to completly recover the effect which had made the distance greater..... ? Thankyou for your answers
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    Its due to tidal interaction between the Earth and Moon.
    The moon causes a tidal bulge in the Earth.
    The Earth tries to drag this bulge along with its rotatation, while the Moon tries to keep the bulge aligned with itself.

    The result of this "tug o war" is that the Earth's rotation slows and the resultant loss of angular momentum is transfered to the Moon, lifting the Moon into a higher orbit.
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    I watched a video about the Moon's fate. Eventually it will reach orbit stability, I believe that's what they said. When that happens our planet will wobble feverishly. Then the moon will eventually meet the Sun when it's near its own end of life.
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    Agreed theoretically, but it will take an astounding amount of time.
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    Thankyou for ur answers I wanted to know if I have understood the task correctly or not:)
    the direction of motion of these two heavenly
    bodies are totally opposite. This means that the tides on earth will have a
    direction opposite to the earth’s rotation and this causes the earth to slow
    down and in other words it’s angular momentum will decrease where P = m.v
    so due to the decrease in v the ‘P’ will decrease or in other words the effect of
    gravitons decreases which will cause the moon to feel comfortable to escape
    from the gravity and this causes the moon to take a distance form the earth
    BUT as we all know the space-time curve of earth is quite larger than the
    moon’s so we can expect a certain position of moon where earth won’t be
    effected by it and the moon will be still inside the curve & that is the point
    where the moon would get a stable situation
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