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Distance under constant acceleration

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    A body starts from rest with an acceleration of 11m/s².

    What is it's velocity after 6 seconds. (I got 66 for that) and how far did it travel?

    What forumla do I have to use for this?
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    There is a well-known expression which represents displacement under constant acceleration. Try to find it. (Either here or google it up.)
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    Is displacement the same as distance?
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    Yes it is, in this case.
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    What about the first part of the question?

    I tried to average out the velocity and then using the d=vt formula I got 198m.
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    Yes, you did it correctly. Remember that you could calculate the displacement averaging out the velocity only because the acceleration is constant.

    The other formula would be: d = (1/2)at2. Check that the solution is the same.

    Try to show that v(average)*t = (1/2)at2
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