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Distilling 3% Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

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    h2o2 has a boiling point of 300F+ degrees and water is 212F, so if I take a bottle of 3% h2o2 which is diluted with water and boil it at 212F degrees, then it will only boil the water right? But, is it safe to do indoors with little ventilation? What does boiling h2o2 make? I want to make 30% h2o2.
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    It will be probably easier and cheaper to buy.
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    True but I don't have a location for 30% in the town that I live in, so its easier than going to the city.
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    Danger! Danger! Run, Will Robinson! You don't have what you need to do this really dangerous thing at home.

    I'd just move to the big city...
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    Sorry for bumping an old post, but the question hasn't really been answered…and I was wondering the same thing. I have no intention of actually trying to concentrate hydrogen peroxide (aka. rocket fuel). It just occurred to me that at low concentrations H2O2 is rather benign and possibly a reasonable way to safely store energy. In a vehicle engine for instance, could it be reduced (boiled) in a just in time fashion to produce the more extreme reaction of high concentrations? Is there enough energy there to warrant carrying the excess water? …likely not ;) …But interesting to think about.
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