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Distributed Computing, what projects do you belong to?

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    Does anyone else here do distributed computing? I have my PCs running World Community Grid and work on the Clean Energy Project. Does anyone else participate?
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    I download a massive amount of pornograph to a private home server. Its the "Porno for Cyrus" project.
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    Nice project, I support it as long it is shared.. hehe
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    Find your own porn............
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    Not those exact projects, but a similar one. I use pornographic web sites to lure people into downloading trojans which zombify their computer. I use these zombies to launch DDoS attacks and ransom corporations. Distributed computing at it's finest!

    Haha, well, just kidding. Something about the idea of my computer working 100% of the time freaks me out. It needs rest!
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    At my university we use CONDOR to distribute physics simulations across the entire university network, including e.g. administrative machines with multi-Ghz processors that are being used for word processing!


    Therefore I support monte carlo simulations in lattice gauge theory, simulations of self-organized criticality in neural networks, etc, whichever grad student's thesis work is at the front of the job queue at the moment!
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    Someone should do the same thing except instead of launching DDoS attacks they should install world community grid software to cure diseases and things.
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    Porn is all well and good but I was referring more to projects that are used for other things such as predicting global warming or computing models to find why cancer occurs. I guess if you want to work on rendering your "videos" that's good too.
  10. May 18, 2009 #9
    I just recently started folding at home, after i found out how to do it on my PS3. Now I have the CPU and GPU versions running on my home PC when I'm using the PC for "lesser" tasks (internet, email, work :smile:)
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