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Misc. DIY electron smasher

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    Myself, along with some colleagues are planning, designing, and going to be constructing a particle accelerator. For now, we will be using electrons. Eventually we may look into using ionized hydrogen atoms (I.e. Protons), and switching the polarity of the magnets from + to -, but for now, we are using electrons as ammo so to speak. I have a few specific questions, to anyone who can answer,

    1. What can be used as a detector for energy? What other detectors could prove useful? I really can't ask anything to specific, as I'm not sure what question to ask on this one- just anything to provide useful and or cool data.


    Basic question, Where can We get glass tube? We were originally planning on copper piping, but the magnets probably will not go through properly. There are a series (well, 2 episodes) of a private DIY accelerator. He is using a glass tube that looks something like he has in mind.

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    Sorry that formatted weirdly, I'm on my phone :)

    Also, don't worry about safety- we are not using much more than 12 volt equipment (car battery level power)

    Thanks in advance,

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    What do you plan to accomplish if you're only using 12 volts?
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    Quantity of electromagnets over their individual power, really- I haven't worked with electromagnets much before, and we are planning several experiments to get some basic formulas before building the machine

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    As an accelerator physicist, let me just say that what you intending to do (including your intention that you stated in an earlier thread) cannot be done and should not be done with the level of understanding that you have exhibited.

    If you wish to construct a simple "electron accelerator", such as those in an evacuated glass tube or CRT tube, then there are already threads either in the General Physics forum or Classical Physics forum that described what you will need. Anything beyond that, it is no longer safe, and it is no longer a topic allowed to be discussed in this forum, per the PF Rules.

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