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Do 3023 batteries exist? (not CR ones)

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    Do 3023 batteries exist!? (not CR ones)

    Hello everyone

    I am new on these forums and wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about 3023 batteries.

    I have a Dreamcast console that is very old and the circular battery inside the console that is responsible for keeping the internal clock running is now useless. Everytime you turn on the console, the Dreamcast will ask you to input the time again.

    After checking out related websites, I have found that I need to replace the battery with 3023 battery. But that's where the problem is.

    There are conflicting opinons. Some say CR3203. Some say 3023 rechargeable only. Some say they are both the same.

    Apparently, the Dreamcast will attempt to recharge the battery and since the CR3203 batteries are non rechargeable, there will be risk of leak.

    The main problem is, there aren't any 3023 batteries for sale. A search on ebay will come up with several pages of CR3023 batteries but just 3023.. nothing. No stores stock them. Does anyone know where I can get some?

    For that matter, does it sound like the CR3023 battery risk is real? Anybody with expertise in this area able to help me out? The main concern is, is there any danger in putting that CR3023 battery in?

    Thank you very much.
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