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Do civil engineers work with electricity?

  1. Sep 7, 2015 #1
    Hi, I just switched my major to civil engineering. I like the math and the mechanics, but I don't like having to learn about electricity (although it may just be my physics II professor and the lab TA). Do civil engineers ever actually work with electricity? meaning will I ever use this knowledge as a civil engineer?
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    I think it depends but mostly no. My friend is Civil Engineer and he works as a manager. İt means you need to look for a job which is not related with electricity.
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    You may not work with electricity like an EE might, but as an engineer, you should know the basics.

    I'm a naval architect, and I sat thru a couple of classes on basic electricity in college, but I have not used that knowledge in my practice much, even though most boats and ships have an electrical system of some sort.
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    As others have pointed out, a civil engineer generally does not design electrical systems. But ignorance of electrical standards and the like is no better than an electrical engineer who pays no attention to the size of a power transformer or the concrete footings required for a substation.
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    Historically there were Civil Engineers and Military Engineers only .

    Civil Engineering then embraced all the sub classes of engineering which we have today .

    Actual answer to your question is same as others have given - you need basic knowledge of electrical work . Doesn't end there though - an engineer needs an extensive general knowledge of many diverse subjects .
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