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Civil Engineering to Mechanical Engineering

  1. May 6, 2014 #1
    hello everyone. I'm taking a diploma in civil engineering and think to switch to mechanical engineering for my degree. What i'm worry about is i'm afraid that i can't catch up with the new syllabus because from i heard that mechanical engineering have more calculation than civil engineering. Is that very difficult to learn? or i should just stay with civil engineering? i need some advice here.
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    Every field of engineering has a large body of knowledge of its own. This specialization takes several years, and usually includes projects as a learning experience.

    For example, I expect a civil engineer to understand concrete, road building, soil stabilization ... while a mechanical engineer will understand vibrations, bolts, pressure, etc. And this just skims the surface!

    You should talk to your academic advisor in the engineering school - they will have experience with students wanting to switch tracks. It may be best to finish the current degree, then obtain a second one in mechanical engineering - and yes, this will involve more mathematics. Mechanical engineers make more use of linear algebra and differential equations due to the practical study of dynamics.
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