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Do I need Calculus?

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    Hello there my fellow atomic aficionados.

    I was simply wondering if I need the mathematical tool of calculus under my metaphorical belt, when calculating the instantaneous speed of an object at a certain point of acceleration?

    Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

    The Eccentric,
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    "at a certain point of acceleration" - i don't really know what you mean, but does that mean at a certain point of the function a(t0) = dv/dt at t0?

    then you integrate a(t) to get v(t), and evaluate v(t) at any t0 you want.
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    I mean if an object was accelerating at 10m/s/s and you took a picture of the object a certain amount of time after the object began its motion, would you need calculus to work out the objects speed at that point.
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    Doc Al

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    If the acceleration is constant you won't need calculus, just basic kinematics.
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    Thanks, you really helped me out.
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    [tex] v_{f} = v_{0} + at [/tex]
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