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Do I need professional qualifications in management accountancy ?

  1. Mar 30, 2014 #1


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    ** Mods, please read the footnote.

    My ambition is to become a university lecturer of math or chemistry. In the next year, I'm going to read for my undergraduate degree. I'm currently on my vacations.

    People here who are going to follow engineering or such type of career-oriented degrees tend to spend their vacation on taking courses on management accountancy in the hope that they will benifit from it in salary or rank improvements at where they will work in the future.
    But, the exam + tuition fee even for the entry level in such a course is high like $ 1000.

    Will someone who is going to become a lecturer benefit from having professional qualifications in management accountancy ? Even in the period of work-and-study where he will have to earn a living ?

    $ 1000 is somewhat big for me. I don't want to pile up unwanted (irrelevant) qualifications as it's all money.
    I'm currently doing self-studies through out the vacation.

    So, do I need to get those type of professional qualifications ?

    Thanks in advance !

    ** Last time I was banned for hyperlinking to a website of an institute. Sorry, It was not my intention to spam. I wanted to give full details of what I'm saying. Please do not ban me again.
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    Hopefully you won't be banned continually, I'll make a note.
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    Does anyone have an idea ?
    Please help me.
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    The problem here is that your question is too specific for your situation, or for the region you are living in. Unless there is someone here who understands or live in the same situation, you will not get much help. Most of us who work as university lecturers in our respective fields do not have to take a course in "management accountancy", whatever that is. In fact, it isn't even on the radar! It is certainly strange, at least for me, to hear anyone taking such courses over a vacation break.

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    I can appreciate that in some parts of the world there may be legitimate privacy concerns about revealing details such as which country you're in. However, one has to recognize that there is a trade-off between privacy and the ability to get useful advice about situations whose answers depend on those details.
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    Well...I will do my PhD in UK or US. I'm considering my time there doing my PhD.

    What if I will become a researcher rather than being a lecturer ? Will those qualifications help me anyway ?
    Another bonus question :smile: : Is it common for those in your area who are on career-oriented degrees like Engineering to follow something like management accountancy ? Many claims so (friends,teachers, etc.)
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    In the UK, an engineering degree will probably contain courses called "management studies" or something similar. That will teach you as much about management accountancy as you need to know (which is not much.) You don't need to spend any money on a separate course.

    For example, from http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ugstudy...gengineering/meng-mechanical-engineering.aspx
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