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Do you know any book for Power Circuit Analysis?

  1. Jul 8, 2015 #1
    We have a simple book for power circuit analysis and it is so hard to pass(8-15 pass from 200+) the exams because it has not solved problems(problems are so simple) also our teacher is doing the lessons copy paste from his book I cant learn this lessons and i cant find course material. Is any book with many examples? In this link are some problems we face on.
    isxuos1.jpg isxuos2.jpg IMG_1072.jpg IMG_1073.jpg
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    Try here:


    These are the books used to study for the PE and FE. Look up the "power" portion of the books. Should be thousands of examples with solved solutions.

    This link specifically has the power books. You may be able to get these at the Library as well.
    http://ppi2pass.com/electrical-pe-power-package-epn6.html [Broken]

    There's certainly other books and other links, but this is a good place in my opinion. Not to mention you will likely need the FE and PE down the road.
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