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Do you leave your computer on while you do homework or studying?

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    Hi. I'm wondering if you leave your computer or any electronic devices near you operating when you are doing your homework or are studying. If so, do you find that it distracts you?
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    I imagine that many students actually do homework on the compture, perhaps with MathCad, Matlab or Mathematica.

    At least one can use a wordprocessor and/or spreadsheet or analytical and graphics software.

    If one has a laptop, one can simply fold the screendown and put it in sleep mode. Otherwise, desktop computers can be set to go sleep.
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    I use to because thanks to the evils of facebook, I'm extraordinarily tempted to go check it every 5 minutes :D
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    Yes, and yes - it does distract me. I still haven't learnt.
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    Yes, because most of my homework is completed online or in a word processor. And yes, I am usually distracted.
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    No..I don't leave my computer as it is while I am busy in doing homework and study..But I keep it in hibernate or in sleep condition..So that when I open it they are in the same condition in which I had leave it..
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    Yes, because my computer is typically always running World Community Grid when I'm not using it.
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    It distracts me a lot. I have a specific time for checking updates and all. Online study can't match books at the beginner level in any subject.
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