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Document Control System, How Effective?

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    Hi! We have been having problems in controlling our documents. We always have a hard time identifying who made mistakes in the details encoded. I heard about this document control system. How effective is this? I want to hear from users before I suggest it to our boss. Thanks for your time.
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    Could you be a little more vague? Do you mean all such systems in general? You say "this" which seems to imply one of the many. Which one?
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    Without the specifics it is difficult to say but the ones we use for software and other general documentation work pretty well. Give us a clue.
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    I am actually referring to "document control system" similar to this website. I apologize for not able to provide the exact details as I am not aware what specific information you need. I am new to our company and just wants to find answers to what my boss asks me. Anyway, I appreciate your time and effort. Ty
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    What kind of documents will you want to be checking into the Document Control System?

    At my work, we currently use Perforce for Software Source Control, and we recently switched from Agile to Arena for Product Source Control (parts info, bills of material, product design files, etc.).

    How complex are your documents, and how often do they get changed?
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