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Does Ambient Temperature Affect Cold-Blooded Animals' Size?

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    Since cold-blooded animals, such as lizards, turtles, &c., take on the temperature of their environment, can we expect them to linearly and volumetrically expand/shrink in warmer/cooler environments?
    In addition, can we expect them to follow the simple equation: ΔV=βV0ΔT, for some volume coefficient β?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Interesting question :smile: What has your reading so far suggested? Is this for your schoolwork?
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    So far I've found that cold-blooded animals can hibernate And become sluggish in cold environments, but not any information regarding a change in size. I was wondering if someone knew if they could possibly following something as straight-forward as the above formula.
    This question arose as I thought of how i would remain the same height in summer and winter as my body would regulate its temperature. This isn't for any class, however.
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    Yes, however, the temperature coefficient and temperature range are smaller than any biometric precision/accuracy can be expected to exhibit. This is particularly relevant when one considers all the other factors affecting "size" during a normal life cycle, degree of hydration comes immediately to mind.
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    WRT your height, it can measurably vary from day to night.
    Your inter-vertebral discs (cartilage) are compressed by the weight they support and then expand when sleeping when they no longer are supporting the weight.
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