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Does anyone here use the compiler for PIC processors from CCS?

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    Does anyone here use the compiler for PIC processors from CCS? I'm learning with the free demo of PCW. The programming language C is new to me but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
    I also have PICkit 2 Debug Express from Microchip. That comes with MPLAB which allows debugging and single stepping, things of this nature, but only allows programming using assembly language unless you have a plug-in for a compiler.
    As far as I can tell, PCW is a full development system. The editor seems very easy to use. I only have the software, I don't have any hardware or programmers for it. I would assume that it would be pointless to purchase the full version of PCWH for $500 when all I need is the PCH command line compiler with a plug-in for MPLAB for $200 because I already have PICkit 2 development system from Microchip. BUT, I would also think that the PCH software doesn't have as nice of an editor as PCW and for someone who is transitioning from using VisualBasic for instrument control to C (me) that may be a problem. Opinions are welcome. Hopefully someone else has been down this road.
    More info at: www.microchip.com

    Oh yeah, one last thing. For those considering jumping into the world of PIC processors, the device that comes on a demo board with PICkit 2 Debug Express is an 16F887 which is NOT supported with the free demo compiler PCW from CCS. If you want to practice coding and play with the hardware, you would be wise to get a processor that is supported by the free compiler and wire it up on a proto board. The demo board from Microchip doesn't amount to much really. There is an LED, potentiometer and push button switch on it. There are pads there to solder other things to, but I would do it on a proto board.
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    Hi ASN,

    I have a co-worker with a fair bit of experience with PICs, so I asked him to look over your question. Here is his response to me via e-mail:

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