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Does anyone know a program for creating schematics?

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    As it states in the title, I am looking for a program that I could create circuit schematics with.
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    jim hardy

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    If you've got a DOS machine around, check out DCCAD. It'll run under Windows up to '95 and will let you make printed circuit board layouts too. I liked its simplicity. It's specific to HP Laserjet printers, though.

    There are hobby houses that let you download drawing software for schematics and circuit boards , you can send them your file and they'll send back a nicely made board.
    ExpressPCB comes to mind. PCB Express, too.
    The software is free but the boards are a bit pricey .

    That "Discover Circuits" forum would be a good place to ask same question.

    Others here will know too, so check back.
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    VISIO is quite good, but expensive
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    DipTrace is good and low cost.
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    By "for creating schematics" do you mean "for drawing schematics"? There must be plenty online and catering for beginner to accomplished user, but I admit I haven't found any to recommend. Do others have suggestions for interactive online schematics drawing?
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    Very basic one which I used long time ago (but it's good to start with) is:
    flastad.com/circuit (free)

    More advanced toy is:
    pspice (9.1) - http://www.engr.uky.edu/~cathey/pspice061301.html which is also free.

    I would recommend to start with pspice, find a few tutorials and you will be fine.
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    Thank you everyone for the help:smile:
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    Firefox can't find the server at www.flastad.com
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    The free simulator program LTSpice has a very simple schematic drawing function in it, and a good library of components.
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    You can use ISIS Proteus, or eagle cad.
    ISIS lets you to make circuit simulation also.
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    Eagle PCB and KiCAD are both excellent schematic capture and PCB layout programs. Both are also free (at least, the lite version of Eagle--can't do PCBs of more than 2 layers, or greater than 4" x 3", but since you're not designing a PCB, that's irrelevant).

    Of the two, Eagle is probably better for your purposes as the tutorial is more refined, and the built-in component library is much larger (although someone went to the trouble of exporting all these to KiCad component library format, but then you'd have to find the library and use it).
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