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Does anyone know about a list of course on Quantum GRavity for the current year?

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    Hi there!

    Just asking for a web site with a detailed list of winter/summer schools, workshops and so on for the full present year, related with quantum gravity.

    Thank you very much in advance.
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    This updated list of links has some items of that sort:

    On that page you will see links to 15 video lectures Intro to QG by Renate Loll
    and the website for an undergrad course currently being taught at LSU
    and the website for the two-week PASI summerschool on QG to be taught in July at Morelia (a pretty old colonial town in Mexico)

    And you will see link to a regularly updated info site about QG and GR-related meetings that is maintained by the AEI (alb. einst. inst.) in Germany----this gives schools workshopes conferences happening all over the world including e.g. India and South America and Japan.

    If you wish to, tell us where you are and say more about what you want. I'd be happy to keep a lookout for QG schools/events in your area. There just was a very good QG school in Poland, this month, but it is now over.
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    Thank you very much!!
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