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Does heat generate additional gravity

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    Considering E=mc^2... (solved for m; m=E/c^2)

    If I heat up an object, does it generate more gravity as it gets hotter?

    What about adding other types of energy to the object? (pick your energy form - save potential I would think)

    (Basically, does adding energy to an object increase it's gravitational mass)

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    If you heat the object by adding energy, and not just compressing the object or some means that doesn't require the addition of energy, then yes.
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    If one form of energy is equivalent to mass, then all other forms of energy must be equivalent to mass as well. For an argument to this effect, see this link: http://www.lightandmatter.com/html_books/6mr/ch01/ch01.html#Section1.3 [Broken]
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