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Aerospace Does the induced drag increase with speed?

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    Does the induced drag increase with an increasing air speed for a given angle of attack?

    Most graphs I found online seem to suggest that the amount of induced drag increases as the speed increases but they actually allow the AOA to vary so I was wondering for a case of fixed AOA(ground roll for take off), how the amount of induced drag will vary.

    Also for low speed RC airplanes, what is the biggest type of drag on ground roll before taking off? I think I read somewhere on the Boeing website saying that for bigger aircraft, up to 70% is the induced drag for take off but I am not sure if this was related to the ground roll phase or immediately after the plane has taken off.

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    For a fixed AOA, the induced drag will increase more. Also the lift will increase. The reason that they reduce the AOA is to keep lift constant for the increasing speed. They are interested in level flight with increasing speed.

    During the ground roll, the induced drag would not be nearly as great as when the pilot pulls back on the stick for a take off. Pulling back on the stick pulls the nose up, increases AOA, increases lift, and causes a corresponding increase in induced drag.
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    As a first approximation, the induced drag will be proportional to V2.
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    Thank you so much!
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