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Does the universe act like an instanced computer model

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    For servers, programmers are using instancing to lower processing needs.

    When i think about it, it seems like the universe is exactly built like that.. Especially when we measure things this becomes so obvious.

    On sub-atomic level we can see instanced results directly, without question.

    So what's this topic for;

    Can we say General Relativity is another mechanic, that fits into instanced server models? In the end we are all talking about light speed, and reference points.


    And on a side note, the idea is quite creepy..
    Why would universe try to lower the processing needs by not sharing direct results between systems.
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    One of the guiding principles in physics ( and other fields) is the least action principle. We find many physical laws which are confirmed by experiment can be deduced using least action.

    So the universe is conspiring to use something like instancing.

    Not sharing information globally is very like the principle of locality, which gives rise to gauge fields llike electro-magnetism and gravity.
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    So maybe the correct question is;

    What in the universe acts non-locally?

    I couldn't be so sure about gravitational force, can we really say its a local force? The curvature of space-time sounds more like a universal force..

    Black Holes comes to mind, when i think about them. It seems to me that; everything that happens behind the event horizon is local to the blackhole. Except its gravitational pull. That's pretty much the only thing non-local observers can feel.

    Quantum Entanglement seems like another non-local feature of the universe. Or is it?

    But in the end, what is connecting all these? Having a universal component that is not affected by locality seems like a must here.

    A must, as in computer models, in the end the instances sends information to the main server. But it doesn't need to send everything that had happened during the processing. Only the results is enough.. And needed to keep the data stable and correct.
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