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Does theoretical have good prospects?

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    i am starting do be very interested in theoretical physics, if i specialised in this for a degree, would that be a good thing?, i mean surely most physics and tech jobs require mainly experimental skills?
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    Yeah, most jobs want more practical skills, but at least you get the ladies.
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    I can't hold off the attention from the groupies, I am ****ing rockstar. (-:
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    isn't telling someone you are a physicist a conversation killer?
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    Not if someone is a physicist :)
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    Wait, why is that? I think telling someone that you are a detective is a conversation killer
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    There are hundreds of these threads, do a search. This topic comes up almost daily - in my eyes one cannot specialize as a theoretical physicist at undergraduate level. The basics are the same for theory and experimental physics. You will study the same thing.

    At post-graduate level, it involves different approaches to the same topics. This is when it matters. Either way, you'll learn valuable skills that have applications in the workplace.

    And, re: your quesiton about needing experimental skills in the workplace - no. Experimental physics isn't what any undergraduates seem to think it is. It's about using real-world data. Very rarely do experimental physicists sit in a lab building experiments - it doesn't really happen that way any more. At undergraduate, it's all the same thing really - in a 'theoretical course' you'll do more maths , the difference just about ends there.
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    interesting, could you expand on how topics are approached differently?
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