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Doing a Bachelors Degree in Maths from India

  1. Oct 29, 2011 #1
    I'm a final year student at a school in India. I'll be taking up Mathematics as my Undergraduate subject(I'm interested in Pure Mathematics, especially number theory and geometry mainly thanks to Hardy's "An Introduction to the theory of numbers" and Courant's "What is Mathematics?").
    Initially, I wanted to study at Cambridge or Oxford, but then they were both asking for A-levels and wouldn't accept the Indian School Certificate(ISC) qualification :(
    American Universities are also out of question.....
    So I'm left with India.
    What are the best places to do an Undergraduate degree in Maths in India? There's ISI Bangalore and CMI, but how are State Universities like Calcutta University, Presidency University(Formerly, Presidency College) and Delhi University? Then there's IISc, the IITs and the IISERs.......
    How highly are Indian maths degrees rated internationally? How good are the professors? How well are Indian Institutions known for Mathematics worldwide?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Cambridge and Oxford have their own exams.

    Cannot help you on ranking India Universities on Math departments ... I've heard of ICI Bangalore and Calcutta U. I have an impression that India is experiencing an upsurge in academic and high-tech areas so I don't even know how past impressions would apply now.

    ... starting point. There are Indian publications that track University rankings by department and many organizations track world rankings.
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    Yeah, but they're(Cambridge and Oxford) still looking for A levels/IB/APs........
    Even an ISC with a STEP won't cut it for them as they mention Further Mathematics as one of their requirements.
    As for individual subject wise rankings, we don't get those. It's usually bracketed under 'Science' or 'Science and Engineering' which almost never gives a proper representation of the Maths Department. They're usually based on other sciences like Biology and Physics or Engineering departments. Most Indians don't really care about pure math in India.....It's seen as a subject subservient to Physics and Engineering and I hear that's true in case of the IITs in the very least.
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    Does Imperial accept the ISC? If so, I might apply there.......I know for a fact that Professor Simon Donaldson teaches there.....Warwick also seems good...
    Not sure about other British Unis though......Especially faculty wise.
    Anyway, no one's answered my question about Indian Universities as of yet.....I'm more or less 90% sure that I'll be staying in India for my undergraduate degree, so I'm looking for answers in that regard...
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    I don't find the price of getting a UK university education justified. Studying at Imperial is ~20k GBP/year. If you're willing to spend 4 times that amount for your tuition fees of your undergraduate degree, by all means, go for it.

    Do you realise there's a search function? I find it ridiculous that so many new members actually demand their answers be answered. (maybe I got the wrong idea but it sure as hell looks that way in your post)

    In India, as far as I'm aware, one can't go wrong with the ISI, CMI or other "big engineering colleges". IIT-K are also introducing a 4-year BS degree in the sciences, the possibility to dual major and/or minor. You might want to look into them. Also: try talking to current students and asking them about their program. That will give you a better idea of the program and department than rankings can. And of course, look at the syllabus of each program and see if that's what you want in a Math degree.
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    I don't intend on paying nearly that much for higher education.
    And yes, I'm aware of the choices that are available to me, and I've also been through the course structures. I was asking for an assessment based on reputation within academic circles, level of teaching etc. Things, which institutions normally don't advertise. And catching hold of students in ISI Bangalore or CMI is not that easy considering there are about 30 students that got o either of these institutions every year.
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    Facebook stalk 'em. ;)

    As for the reputation, well, I don't if that means anything to you but most of these schools graduates end up going to grad school at good institutions in India, Europe and North America.

    Wait wut. You don't? :|
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