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[Double integral] Area of a triangle

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    Hi! I'm stuck with the following problem:


    ∫∫ (x-y)*|ln(x+2y)| dxdy

    where D is the triangle with corners in the coordinates (0,0), (1,1) and (-3,3)

    I get the following lines that forms the triangle: y=-x, y=x and y=-1/2*x+3/2


    Im thinking that I start with substitution: (x-y)=u and x+2y=v

    Which gives me ∫∫ u*|ln(v)| dudv

    After that I don't know how to continue. I would like to know which new "intervals" I should do the integral between when I am in my new u- and v-domain?
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    That gives ugly borders.
    I would use u=x-y and v=x+y then your triangle stays a nice rectangular triangle.

    In either case, find the coordinates of the corners in the new coordinate system and then set up the integral again.
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