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Double Major in CS and Math - Help!

  1. Dec 27, 2011 #1
    I'm a college Sophomore double majoring in computer science with a minor in applied mathematics and a major in mathematics for information systems.

    I just laid out my potential schedules for the next 5 semester of college until I graduate. I have roughly 10 math classes left to take.

    I'm a bit worried about what my course load will be like towards my Junior and Senior years, as I'll be taking lots of 400 level comp sci courses... along with courses like advanced discrete math, advanced partial differential equations, combinatorics, numerical analysis, abstract algebra, and other scary things.

    Mind you, I just took calculus II this fall, and am taking calc III this spring, as well as linear algebra. I'm worried that these course I have yet to take will be drastically harder than what I've taken and will be taking this spring. (It's obvious they should get harder, but I'm worried about just how hard they'll end up being).

    I think I'm mostly worried about whether I'll have enough knowledge of the fundamentals in order to not fall behind and utterly fail. Anyone know what these types of courses demand? and how to best be prepared for them?

    Any tips or opinions greatly appreciated!
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    Yes, the courses will be harder. But you'll be more mature as well. By the time you get the course, you will be ready to handle them. I wouldn't worry to much about it. People before you were able to do courses, so you should be able to do them as well!!

    If you are truly worried, then I suggest using the vacation to review some of the first chapters of the course. There is not much more you can do.
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