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Doubling time for Breeder Reactor.

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    What is the doubling time for breeder reactor, and how its related to the , Power , Original Fissile load ,and The breeding ration "BR" ?
    if there is any online sources or recommended books about the subject for further reading.
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    If the breeding ratio is 1.2 then it would take approximately 4 cycles to end up with double the feed (1.2^4 = 2.07). The breeding ratio is not related to the power of the reactor, only its nuclear design characteristics.
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    Is there an expression (formula) of the doubling time in terms of the breeding ratio ?
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    Find a copy of Fast breeder reactors By Alan Edward Waltar, Albert Barnett Reynolds

    otherwise see here -
    http://books.google.com/books?id=4m...epage&q=Doubling time, breeding ratio&f=false

    See Chapter 7, Sections 7-8.

    The doubling time depends on a number of factors, such as the fuel form (oxide, carbide, metal), power density, batch size, . . . .

    There are some simple equations, e.g., dM/dt = λM, but the λ is a function of the aforementioned variables.
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